Senate Dems Push Assault Weapons Ban… Senate Republicans Push Crazy People Ban… Who Gets to Define “Assault”.. and “Crazy”??
Do you really want the federal government, (which has proven to be a colossal failure at every thing it handles) deciding which guns “look” okay for you to own and which citizens in this country have the proper mental capacity to own them?
As Senate Democrats push ahead with a proposed ban on assault weapons and other gun-control legislation, Republicans are still trying to draw attention to what they see as the bigger issue — keeping the mentally ill from owning firearms.
A proposal on the issue was introduced this month by South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who on Thursday again expressed his interest in getting the measure passed.
“I believe that the best way to interrupt the shooter is to have a mental health system that actually records and enters into the database people who should not be able to buy a gun,” Graham said.
He made his remark while voting against a bill passed by the committee to ban assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.
As a responsible gun owner, I certainly agree that I do not want guns in the hands of crazy people, however, here is my problem with Senator Graham’s proposal: Who gets to define crazy? If the government has anything to do with it, anyone who has ever been prescribed an anti-depressant could fit in the mentally ill category. The government may also determine that any Veteran who fought in a war, may have some forms of depression and therefore can not own a firearm. The government might also decide that people who believe in God, the Constitution, and fear tyranny, are mentally ill. The government may decide that people who are preppers are mentally ill.

In addition, people who appear perfectly sane today, could suddenly trip out and become crazy over some unfortunate incident in their lives. How is the government going to monitor and control that? Drones? Listening devises in our homes?
Seriously…. Has making drugs illegal stopped drug abuse? The argument could be made that people high on illegal drugs are mentally unstable so should the government start drug testing all Americans daily to declare those people unfit to own guns?
There are over 20 thousand gun control laws on the books in America. There are already laws in place to monitor and regulate the firearms industry and gun ownership. Many of those laws are not even being enforced.
Here is the bottom line: Criminals, Crazies, and the Government WILL ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO AND HAVE GUNS. Additional laws only affect LAW ABIDING, NON-THREATENING citizens who want to own guns simply for self defense and because they have a Constitutional Right to own them. Give the government an inch.. it takes a mile and once you hand over any rights to the government, you can expect it will take blood to recover it.

Lindsey Graham and all those folks aligning with him on this issue need to go back and read what Jefferson said about people who are willing to exchange liberty for the sake of security… Those people deserve NEITHER.

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