Immediately after the hearing in Georgia where Judge Michael Malihi ruled against the Plaintiffs in the case regarding Obama’s eligibility to be on the 2012 presidential ballot, it floated around that Malihi was an Iranian Muslim. So, once this was stated some research was conducted to find out all that could be found about this Judge.  The questions were “Is his ancestry really Iranian?”  “Is his faith really Muslim?”  “If so, did either of these things play a role in his decision to side with Obama in the Georgia eligibility hearing?”

So here is the information which details all that is available; just know there is precious little.

Today, Judge Malihi is the Deputy Chief Judge for the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings.  He was appointed Judge in 1995.  If you go to the official website for his office, what you don’t find may be more interesting than what you do find.  On the OSAH website there is a page which lists bios for all the judges, including Malihi.  Clicking on the Malihi link all that was listed for him was this:

Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi
Appointed Judge 1995


Valerie Ruff
Case Management Assistant
[email protected]
Tel: (404) 651-7595
Fax: (404) 818-3751

That is it!  If you click on the links for all the other judges listed, you will find a brief bio telling of where the particular judge was born, where they went to school, etc.  But for Malihi?  Nada! Zip!  Niente!  Bupkis!  Nothing!

The next thing was to look at other websites in other state including federal judges to see if there is a common practice to have absolutely no information listed in their bios.

The Federal Judiciary Center has a massive list.

The directory includes the biographies of presidentially-appointed judges who have served since 1789 on the U.S. District Courts, the U.S. Courts of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the United States, the former U.S. Circuit Courts, and the federal judiciary’s courts of special jurisdiction.

Next, examining a sampling of about 50 judges listed on this site they all had bios which contained at least when and where they were born, when they died (if applicable), where they went to school, where they practiced – their entire career path.

Realize at the official Supreme Court site for the United States, bios of all judges are listed.

Continuing to dig deeper, judges in various states were randomly searched using a variety of different roles and guess what?  Out of the approximately 15 different sites of different states, bios were present for all judges searched!  This included Circuit Court judges, Appellate judges, Superior Court judges, and more.  They ALL had bios listed.

However, there is nothing on Judge Michael Malihi listed, why? Is this not interesting?

Next, searches on his name on several search engines was done to find out if there was any more information available. On Google, all that was essentially there was what has already been posted on this web site and various other blogs regarding his recent ruling in favor of Obama and his eligibility to be on the 2012 Presidential ballot in GA.

A search on found the following:

Michael M. Malihi

Deputy Chief State Admin.

230 Peachtree St., N.E., Ste. 850
Atlanta, Georgia

(DeKalb & Fulton Cos.)

Experience & Credentials

Practice Areas

Employment Law; Housing Law; Domestic Relations law
University     University of Alabama, B.A.
Law School     Boston University, J.D.
Admitted     1991
ISLN     900907621

Continuing to search, there was pretty much the same everywhere; which is next to nothing. On Yahoo, Bing, Dogpile, Ask, Alltheweb, Mamma, Excite, Alta Vista, and a variety of others still nothing listed. Honestly, for a judge that has been in his position since 1995, does it not seem odd that he has next to no information out there about him?

A search on Intelius there is:

Names/Aliases: Michael M Malihi
Michael M Molihi

Has lived in:

Atlanta, GA
Alpharetta, GA
Westport, CT
Fairfield, CT

Related to:

Mehdi Malihi
Masoud M Malihi
Malie S Malihi
Mahzad Malihi
Lia E Malihi

There is a fee to get more detailed info on him, and this will be deferred until a later time.

Notice in Intelius they offered an alternate spelling of his name as shown above so a search on the name Molihi was done. Pretty much everything led back to the name Malihi.  An interesting fact did come up that listed Judge Malihi is from Connecticut.  This is the same state that issued a social security number that Obama is using (as stated in the court case).  Wonder if that has any merit?

A final search was conducted to see if there were any archived versions of his official bio page using Wayback Machine.  This only shows it has been crawled once by Wayback back in May of 2010.  It shows the same information that his bio page shows today. Malihi has been in his position since 1995, yet he is the only judge across the entire country (with a sampling of data) without a full bio.  A few other similar cache search engines was done (Google cache, Yahoo cache) and they all found the same thing; nothing. Of all the searching that was done, there is nothing different from the bio page shown above from Georgia.  Remember, the goal was to see if perhaps there was some type of bio up at one time, from college, or someplace else and maybe it had been changed.  It appears as far as this research has been done there has never been a full bio of Malihi anywhere. Is he a United States Citizen? If not, should he care if Obama is on the ballot?

This leaves one scratching their head as there are more questions than answers. Nowhere was there any information available which is able to answer any of the questions about this judge.  Why?  Why do we find even less info on this judge than we can on Obama?  Is it because of ‘Birds of a feather flock together?’

My question to all Patriots is “If there is anyone who can provide more information about this judge please offer it in the comments below.”  Until then, Judge Michael Malihi remains a mystery; way more so than Obama!