A few days ago Reader’s Digest, historically the Cliff’s Notes of popular literature, came out with a list that supposedly provides America’s 100 most trusted individuals. The poll, compiled with the assistance of The Wagner Group, is composed mostly of leftist, people who act for a living and individuals only their mothers have heard of. According to a press release from the Digest:
“Reader’s Digest compiled a list of more than 200 American opinion shapers, leaders and headline makers from 15 highly influential professions and presented it to more than 1,000 Americans, a representative sample of adults living in the United States, asking them to rank each name on how trustworthy they thought each individual was. Trustworthiness was determined by integrity and character, exceptional talent, drive to personal excellence, internal moral compass, message, honesty and leadership.

The poll revealed first and foremost that Americans trust people they know more than those who are famous. There were three professions that came out on top as extremely or very trustworthy: 77% of respondents named their personal doctors, followed by their spiritual advisors (71%), and their children’s current teachers (66%). These three scorers are not included in the list, which focuses on American public figures.”

It is plain from this description that Reader’s stacked the deck from the start and then enjoyed the liberal presentation that followed. Who in the world are the 1,000 people polled?? Anyway, here are your so-called “most trusted”:

1. Tom Hanks: He is #1??? His quote given to eader’s Digest was: “But look, I was born in 1956, the peak year for births in U.S. history. I think I’m very representative of many of the thought processes my generation have been through and, by and large, people of my age have had their imprint planted on the consciousness of western society for a long time.” I guess they did not want to use his idiotic comments saying World War II was a “war or racism and terror” and “they were out to kill us because our way of living was different. We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different. Does that sound familiar, by any chance, to what’s going on today?” Nothing is more attractive in Hollywood as a big mouth with a megaphone who knows nothing of politics and history. We cannot even trust Hanks to make a decent movie anymore and yet we trust him to share our beliefs and values?
2. Sandra Bullock: Huh? Was this a poll from 1990 or 2013? The only thing she has done since the movie “Speed” was be cheated on yet she is the second most trusted individual?
3. Denzel Washington: I am actually okay with this one. He is a good, Christian man who, while a Democrat, seems reasonable otherwise. He is NOT the third most trusted man in America mind you, but is not a bad addition to the list.
4. Meryl Streep: Pretty much a good actress but lousy using the brain for much else. Far-left and pretty unintelligent by most indications. Streep, she of the “star-struck” by Obama, has a long history of comparing Bush to Nazis, etc. I trust her to suck up yearly to win Oscars but that is about it.
5. Maya Angelou: They list her as an “American Studies Professor” but, though she has occasionally taught at Wake Forest, it would be more honest to call her a poet/civil rights activist. For that, I respect her. As an Obama shill, I have little use for her. At least she is pro-gun.
6. Steven Spielberg: Again, another Hollywood Progressive idiot. Over the years I liked some of his movies, but he is another of the nuts drinking the Kool-Aid. He changed the guns in “E.T.” to walkie-talkies in later versions then, lacking the spine to even support his own beliefs, he put them BACK in the Blu-Ray last year. In his movie of Republican “Lincoln”, he altered characters and events to rewrite history in support of racist Democrats (they were the first to vote against freeing the slaves in reality). He donated over $1M to (re)elect Obama. Strange that, though Jewish, he aligns with a President who hates Israel. Why would Americans trust Spielberg if he would betray his own people like that?
7. Bill Gates: I would trust him on how to fix my X-Box but little else. Each iteration of Windows and Internet Explorer gets worse and, apparently bored with computers, he has begun leftist preaching. While providing mosquito netting in Africa is wonderful, putting millions of dollars into a push to indoctrinate American students with the leftist (almost Marxist) “Common Core” is counter to America’s founding and criminal.
8. Alex Trebek: Alex: “Who are the readers of Reader’s Digest?” He is a game-show host people!
9. Melinda Gates: Hooray for White Urkel! He got a wife. Too bad she holds her husband’s views. See #7.
10. Julia Roberts: Sigh….are we still in 1993? Over the last 10+ years, the best picture with her was the one on her driver’s license?
11. Robert Lefkowitz: He is a chemist who won a Nobel Prize in case you did not know. Obviously the readers of the paragon of scientific literature known as Reader’s Digest know to trust a man no one else has ever heard of.
12. Robin Roberts: She kicks butt. I do not care she is in the slanted media and works for that joke ABC. Any woman that keeps coming back from cancer deserves some love.
13. Clint Eastwood: Again, not really sure why so high. He makes good movies, is pro-Second Amendment (as Dirty Harry should be), leans to the Right and has held political office but why the Hollywood love before more rational choices? Also, the chair thing was sort of painful to watch.
14. Brian Kobilka: See #11.
15. Lloyd Shapley: Again, HUH? I had to dig up information on this Nobel Prize winner. His work on Game Theory and market design smacks of China and central planning to me. Pass. (Also, look at that photo. Shouldn’t he be in the mountains somewhere worrying about the revenuers getting to his moonshine still?)
16. Dr. Oz: Good Lord, people. Get out of the house once in a blue moon!
17. Sanjay Gupta: Ditto
18. Ellen DeGeneres: Okay, we get it. You are a lesbian. Shocker! I would be more surprised if you were ever entertaining. By the way, your act was much funnier when Bob Newhart did it first.
19. Michelle obama: Ummmmmm….Love the new Beatles haircut.
20. Noam Chomsky: Reader’s Digest expects us to believe that Americans: 1) KNOW who Chomsky is, and 2) Trust this steaming pile of anti-Semitic, leftist dung. Briefly, he is a genocide denier in Cambodia and elsewhere, is pro-Hezbollah and Palestinians, describes himself as an anarchist, praises socialism, claims Pearl Harbor saved millions of lives, says America prolonged the Holocaust (strangely, he sometimes denies the Holocaust was that bad), and that is just the start. He is Jewish too. Why would anyone but a Progressive trust him?

Part Two of this article will drop soon. We have so many trustworthy individuals yet to come! Leftist Supreme Court jesters….movie stars popular when Members Only jackets were stylish….and Eva Braun, I mean, Katie Couric. Stay classy, America.

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