Recently Reader’s Digest, historically the Cliff’s Notes of popular literature, came out with a list that supposedly provides America’s most trusted 100 individuals. The poll, compiled with the assistance of The Wagner Group, is mostly composed of leftist, people who act/lie for a living and individuals only their mothers have heard of. I have already covered #1 (Tom Hanks) to #60 (Samuel Alito) so we begin again with:
61. Drew Gilpin Faust: As the current president of Harvard, what does one expect from the mouthpiece of one of the vilest cesspools of liberal tripe parading as the highest of education?
62. Elena Kagan: We obviously love our Supreme Court justices, especially the liberal ones. Though she had no experience as a judge, obama felt her qualified to sit on the highest court. Nothing more than a liberal activist with less than four years of legal experience before nabbing a seat on the bench, she has towed her boss’s company line. The Clinton insider is against gun rights, against the military (remember her throwing the military recruiters off of Harvard’s campus when she was the school’s dean?), against free speech and for far greater governmental regulations over all aspects of life. Oh, and if all of that fails to taint one’s image of Justice Kagan, she was also a Dukakis supporter
63. Scott Pelley: At least he was honest enough recently to admit that they (the press) were getting every major story wrong.
64. Adam Sandler: Another 90s actor. I was wondering where they all had gotten to.
65. barack obama: Do I really have to do this one? Okay, if you insist. He was MIA as our own people begged for help in Benghazi. Sent guns to Mexico so they would be tied to murders and then further his aim of gun control. Authorized the IRS and EPA to persecute his political enemies. Authorized a massive spying program that illegally targeted almost all Americans (but strict regulations prohibited spying on mosques, of course). Wants to legalize criminal aliens, like his own aunt, so they will be good little freeloading Democrat voters. He believes America is an evil, colonial power and he went on an apology tour to show it. He attended a racist, anti-American church for 20+ years. Supports the Muslim Brotherhood and thug-groups like the Black Panther Party, CAIR, labor unions and others. He is on tape speaking fondly of terrorist Rashid Khalidi. “Spread the wealth.” Pushed socialized medicine through while a majority of the country was against it and now, as it is gearing up to fail spectacularly, he will try for his real desire, a single-payer system. He thinks we should pay for the birth control of others. He has shown himself as a supporter for a China-like system of government control of historically private businesses like the banks and auto industry. He is intentionally expanding welfare, food stamps and governmental aid programs in a Cloward & Piven strategy to collapse the system. He has grown the debt more than any other President by a HUGE margin (see previous item for reason). obama has steadfastly opposed any efforts to promote American energy independence. Supports ACORN. Feels we owe all of our success to government. He is radically pro-abortion and is even for allowing babies to suffer and die when they survive the procedure. He is indeed friends with domestic terrorists Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers and others. Says we Americans outside of liberal meccas are “bitter Americans clinging to our bibles and guns.” He is always the one bringing up the race card, not us. He is a devotee of radical leftist Saul Alinsky. He is a known associate of crooks like Franklin Raines, Timothy Geithner, and Tony Rezko and he has surrounded himself with anti-American leftists/progressives like Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Michelle obama and others. He has never released his college transcripts. Why? It is strange how only ONE PERSON remembers obama when he was “attending” Columbia University and even the school’s prestigious Professor Henry Graff doubts the “President” actually attended. How did he pay for his very expensive education? Just the tip of the iceberg. (As a side note, I always get people slamming me for typos when I choose not to capitalize his name but it is they who are wrong. I provide proper names for proper people.)
66. Antonin Scalia: Good man and a believer in the Constitution. Historically, he can be counted upon to support our founding ideals and principles. He is not a strict constructionist but rather a man that tries to uphold the original meaning of the documents (and not silly and dangerous speculation on original intent). If only the Court would just clone him.
67. Billy Graham: I wish for the sake of our country that he had been voted #1. Good, pious man.
68. Condoleezza Rice: She is a good, smart, accomplished woman. Like Bush and too many others in the GOP however, she is a progressive so I am glad she is eschewing public office. Great pianist to boot.
69. Pat Sajak: Pretty funny that he is on here. From what I gather, he is anti-obama. I trust that.
70. Christiane Northrup: Author of “The Wisdom of Menopause”. Ummmmmm, okay. All I have is a quote from Archie Bunker, “I know all about your woman’s troubles there, Edith, but when I had the hernia that time, I didn’t make you wear the truss. If you’re gonna have the change of life, you gotta do it right now. I’m gonna give you just 30 seconds. Now c’mon and change.” (Sorry for that. If I am offed in the coming days, it was not the NSA. It was my wife.)
71. Warren Buffett: I respect any self-made man but I am otherwise not a big Buffett fan as he is getting farther left as he ages. Buffett is an obama supporter so how smart can the man be? He supports the nutty Bill Gates ideals and has pledged most of his fortune to related charities upon his death. He killed a deal to build coal-fired power plants and is instead investing in leftist clean energy dreams. Recently on Twitter, he seemed to throw his support behind Hillary for President. He was right however, when in 2005, he said that our spiraling debt, aggressively consumed by foreign powers, would eventually destroy the US dollar and make us a “sharecropping society.” (Just to clear up an old rumor, he is not related to Jimmy Buffett.)
72. Steve Harvey: “My dad, who was a construction worker and a coal miner in West Virginia, used to say, ‘Son, talk and listen to everybody. Even listen to a fool, because fools are good people to know. If you don’t learn anything else, you’ll learn what not to do from a fool. That’s as good as knowing what to do. So let a fool talk.” Harvey is on record considering black people that do not support President obama as Uncle Toms. That pretty much tells you all you need to know. Others can follow his dad’s advice but I will not listen to this fool.
73. Kelly Ripa: Cute, bubbly talking head. Supported Hillary for President. Nuff said.
74. Halle Berry: Yet ANOTHER 90s actor that has not had a hit movie in years. People trust her opinions after she chose to star in “Catwoman”???
75. Andrew Weil, MD: Is that you, Santa Claus? Essentially just another TV doctor. He is a Democrat MD that is often criticized for mixing real medicine with granola-crunchy stuff and then using it to sell millions of books. Sounds like Al Gore or something.
76. Francis Ford Coppola: Okay, so we are back to Hollywood has-been Democrats. Apocalypse Now and the first two Godfathers were good but what have you done for me lately? Movies from the 70s make you trustworthy in the 21st Century? Strange.
77. Ben Stiller: Sigh….broken record. It is pathetic that a third of this list is comprised of actors that jumped the shark 10+ years ago. This is in addition to the fact that we should not trust a bunch of actors in the first place.
78. Jeff Bezos: He does not seem to be political (though a Democrat) but I would tend to trust a successful, anti-tax entrepreneur.
79. Tim Burton: Really? Movies again? I am running out of jokes and ways to shake my head in disgust.
80. Leonardo DiCaprio: Egotistical, condescending, electric car driving, anti-fracking Hollywood pretty boy full of eco-crap. Does that about cover it?

The last article will drop soon. We have so many trustworthy individuals yet to come, including a woman that loves breasts, CEOs no one outside of their companies know, ever more TV “personalities” and one of the most vile people in America sneaks in at #99. Stay classy, America.