Recently Reader’s Digest, historically the Cliff’s Notes of popular literature, came out with a list that supposedly provides America’s most trusted 100 individuals. The poll, compiled with the assistance of The Wagner Group, is mostly composed of leftist, people who act/lie for a living and individuals only their mothers have heard of. I have already covered #1 (Tom Hanks) to #80 (Leonardo DiCarpio) so we begin again with a rather bland array of characters as we limp to the finish-line:

  1. Ron Clark:   Actually seems to be a legit guy doing a lot of educational work in Harlem.
  2. Susan Love:   Leading advocate for breast cancer research, the surgeon/author seems to have done quite a bit for the health and welfare of women.
  3. Michael Pollan:   Writes books about when “nature and culture intersect” but is also a journalism professor at Berkeley. Who knew they had someone supposedly teaching journalism there? The Berkeley School of Leftist Propaganda and Creative Progressive Fiction, I can believe. How is he trusted when he is obviously doing such a terrible job at creating level-minded newspeople?
  4. Cameron Diaz: cameron  This is getting ridiculous
  5. Savannah Guthrie:   A Today Show talking head that has not YET gotten on Matt Lauer’s bad side. Good luck to her.
  6. Alex Gorsky:   The new Johnson & Johnson CEO seemed impressive (Wharton, Army Ranger and more) until I read the article about his support of obamacare. If you support socialized medicine, you lose me comrade.
  7. Matt Lauer:  matt “I’m not a guy who complains. I love this job, I really do.” His quote seems nice enough until you wonder if he is talking about his Today Show hosting or his other job of getting people fired from the Today Show.
  8. Clarence Thomas:   Finally another good choice. This Supreme Court justice has endured more attacks and racial hatred than anyone on the left. He is a truly educated man who supports the Constitution and believes in each man’s responsibility to succeed or fail on his own. He should have been Top 10.
  9. Tina Fey:   Leftist Hollywood type. Pretty much a failed movie actress but had a decent run on TV with an even larger progressive lunatic (Alec Baldwin).  When the most interesting thing about a person is the mystery of how she got a scar on her chin, she cannot be too fabulous.
  10. Dr. Drew Pinsky:   Hmmm…TV therapists whose celebrity rehab patients are dropping like flies? The same guy who illegally took money from GlaxoSmithKline to promote their drugs on-air? The Dr. Drew who once was a figurehead for a disgraced substance abuse center?
  11. Michael Strahan:   See # 58
  12. Deepak Chopra:   obama-loving, Gun control nut and granola-crunching, new-agey guy that preys on the insecurities of the lemmings in society to sell books. Prince of a guy.
  13. Ken Powell:  The CEO of General Mills is for gay marriage and against labeling foods containing genetically modified organisms in his company’s foods like Cheerios. You trust him?
  14. Steve Ballmer: ballmer  The current Microsoft CEO seems to be the captain of a sinking ship as Windows 8 flounders, their computing empire erodes and their Xbox One rollout becomes an increasingly embarrassing series of flip-flops. He also is steadfastly behind the Facebook/Zuckerberg shadow-group that is pro-illegal alien legalization and the so-called “Americans for a Conservative Direction”. When you hear their ads supporting progressives like Lindsey Graham, do you for one second think they are conservative?
  15. Walter Mossberg:   If you read the Wall Street Journal, you know he is a technology columnist. What he is doing on a list like this, I cannot imagine.
  16. Dr. Phil McGraw: TCA Press Tour CBS Day 2  You guys had to sink another TV shrink into the list, didn’t you? Excuse me for a moment while I get a Kleenex as I continue to weep for America.
  17. Steve Forbes:   Smart, money-making guy on the right. Supports free enterprise. Too bad there are not many more like him on the list
  18. Maureen Dowd:   She is a leftist “author” and op-ed columnist for comedy sources like HuffPo and NYT who made a name for herself with pieces on the Clinton/Lewinski scandal. This 98th most trusted public figure was proven to be guilty of plagiarism a few years ago. With revered figures like this on the list, how come Marion Barry did not make it?
  19. Paul Krugman: krugman  “The goal in the end is not to win elections. The goal is to change society.” He deems the GOP racist yet supports the liberal mentality of keeping minorities beholden to the government teat. What is more racist than trying to make sure minorities remain slaves to a welfare state? He supports our insane deficit spending of the last five years as a means to prosperity. He has voiced support for a VAT (Value Added Tax on EVERYTHING) and death panels to control medical costs for older individuals. He was touted by as a possible Treasury Secretary. He blamed the Tea Party for the nut that shot Gabby Giffords. He is supposedly an economics expert yet says our economy is sound and the country is not broke. Expert??? Perhaps we should have seen this one coming as he is the econ professor at the nutbag liberal Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (any person that would work for a “school” named for the vilest President until obama is obviously a hopeless, anti-American progressive).
  20. Shepard Smith:   Yes he is on Fox but is seems left-of-center and too preachy for me. Not a big fan.


That about wraps it up and what a sad lot of “trustworthy” people we have. Unless “trust” means something else to the editors at Reader’s Digest, we have a problem. About 10% of the individuals on a list are actually good and trustworthy Americans, so either the Digest stacked the deck with leftists or we are losing our country. Based on what I can find out online however, I am (slightly) relieved to find it appears Reader’s Digest provided FAR more leftist/progressives/democrats/socialists than good Americans in the voters’ list from which to choose. Also, let us be honest. Those that read the Reader’s Digest are either on the toilet, elderly or frankly not too bright so obviously they went with people they knew from their wasted lives (TV doctors, has-been movie stars and talking heads) and then, to try and appear smart, they then picked people unknown to them with “CEO” or “Nobel” next to their name. With the deck stacked, we conveniently appear to be a country filled with leftist idiots. Do any of us REALLY believe most of these people are trustworthy? I am worried less about whom we really trust and more that so many slack-jawed, mouth-breathers still buy Reader’s Digest.


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