Recently Reader’s Digest, historically the Cliff’s Notes of popular literature, came out with a list that supposedly provides America’s most trusted 100 individuals. The poll, compiled with the assistance of The Wagner Group, is mostly composed of leftist, people who act/lie for a living and individuals only their mothers have heard of. I have already covered #1 (Tom Hanks) to #20 (Noam Chomsky), so we begin again with:

21. Tony Dungy: No problem with this one. Seems like a genuine, Christian soul.

22. Regina Benjamin (U.S. Surgeon General): Sure, why would you not trust an obese government health employee telling us how to live our lives? Sort of reminds me of #19.


23. Madeleine Albright: Her quote in the article is “There really is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” Okay, she also said that the U.S. being the only superpower was a bad thing and, when in Prague last year, was filmed saying “Disgusting Serbs, get out!” when faced with those protesting her part in the NATO bombing of Serbia. She also backed the vile Susan Rice for Secretary of State. You trust her?


24. Jimmy Carter: I kid you not, Jimmy “I have lusted after women in my heart” Carter. Least competent President of the last 100 years before obama took his throne. He backs Palestine and is against Israel. His weakness led to Iran taking our citizens prisoner and then his wet-noodle policies kept them there. He started the Departments of Education and Energy (not good things in case you did not know). He caused the energy crisis in the 1970s. He said America’s best days were behind us. You trust that? The ONLY thing he has right is being a Braves fan.


25. Diane Sawyer: A left-leaning talking head from ABC? Is that trusted in America? (Also, Diane, we know you were drunk those times on-air.)

26. Travis Stork, MD: What is it with the made-for-TV doctors on this list? Reader’s Digest expects us believe that when their devoted followers are not devouring Nobel winners’ research, they are watching doctors on afternoon TV lance boils. So sad.

27. Peyton Manning: Like Charles Barkley said, athletes are not there to raise your kids. If you HAD to have one do it though, Manning would not be terrible.


28. Judge Judy: If this poll IS real, I weep for America. Of course, we voted against our Founders and (re)elected obama and freeloading instead, so nothing should shock me.

29. Brian Williams: Leftist news anchor with terrible ratings? Who would not trust that?? Also, sorry your ‘Rock Central’ was canned, BW.

30. Nancy Snyderman, MD: Ummmmm…..can I phone a friend? No idea. Pass.

31. Rachael Ray: Who doesn’t trust a chunky TV cook?


32. Colin Powell: RINO who supported obama TWICE. Failed in Vietnam when he was supposed to investigate the My Lai Massacre. Never a great Secretary of State. If people under his command or in his own party cannot trust him, why do the phantom readers at RD?

33. Nancy Brinker: She is against women dying of breast cancer but all for them dying by abortion? Sort of like the idiots on the left that are for abortion but against the death penalty.


34. Barbara Walters: Another talking head from the left. So sad.

35. Johnny Depp: Good actor. Not too bright. He moved to France to protest George Bush’s election. He is suing a construction company in California for building a structure that would partially block the view from a small terrace off his children’s playroom at his Hollywood Hills estate (mind you, he still lives in FRANCE). Also, he hates America and says we are a bully.


36. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The most trusted Supreme Court justice is RBG? Doubtful. Of all the treasonous, left-leaning, “living Constitution” things this old crone has done and uttered, the vilest happened last year when, in the obama-supported cesspool that is Muslim Brotherhood’s Egypt, she told a group “I would not look to the US constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. I might look at the constitution of South Africa.”


37. Katie Couric: I think Ann Coulter pretty much nailed it by calling her “the affable Eva Braun of liberalism.”

38. Alvin E. Roth: See #15. Same thing. They won the Nobel together. Additionally, what good is doing economic theory work in which they have no money or prices? How is that smart or useful? Roth and his partner wasted time with their studies and proved nothing that was not already known.

39. Judge Joe Brown: See #28. I am still weeping.

40. Tim Tebow: I am glad another good person is finally on the list but feel bad for him in real life. All he does is try to live a Christian life and stay true to his beliefs in an increasingly evil world yet he is constantly berated and denigrated. On a side note, I guess the Reader’s Digest people have to do something when the judge and doctor shows are not on so they must watch football.

The next article will drop soon. We have a plethora of trustworthy folks to come. TV doctors….Nobel winners who normally reside on the sides of milk cartons….leftist of all sorts….Hillary…. and one wise Latina. Stay classy, America.

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