With the Republican presidential hopeful closing in on the GOP nomination, attention is beginning to turn to who he will pick to be by his side as he takes on President Obama and Vice President Biden for the White House.

According to Larry Sabato, the director for the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, Romney has two ways to go with his decision.

“He can pick someone who is safe and follows the Hippocratic oath’s mandate, ‘First, do no harm,’” Sabato told CBSDC. “This person would be seen as competent but wouldn’t necessarily have any impact on the Electoral College or appealing to specific demographic groups where Romney is weak, or Romney can pick someone designed to deliver a state, region, or demographic group.”

With that certain demographic group primarily focusing on Hispanics, Seton Motley, president of Less Government — a political thinktank, sees that spot going to Rubio.

“This is all a game of checking off something you don’t have,” Motley told CBSDC. “Rubio is Hispanic and is from the swing state of Florida. The list almost begins and ends with Rubio.”

But in the end, Romney’s campaign won’t hinge on who he picks as his running mate.

“The state of the economy will make or break Romney’s campaign,” Sabato said.

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