The media always likes to portray Republicans and Conservatives as out of touch and not knowing what is going on around them. Although this is true of the GOP in recent years, it is really the Democratic Party that is not only out of touch, but they have no clue what is going on around them as is evidenced by their actions. How is it that the only way the president knows of a crisis is by seeing it in the news or reading it in the paper? Another tall tale? But I digress, this administration can’t seem to get in touch with what a real priority looks like.

Case in point; Iraq is falling into the hands of Islamic terrorists, Christians in other nations are being persecuted and murdered whole sale, Illegals are storming across the border, The VA that was going to be fixed by Obama as “a Top Priority” is in a shambles, unemployment is at all-time highs, – actual is around 14%- the Obamacare horror stories continue to pile up while we have a US Marine being held captive in a Mexican jail, were still seeing Putin gone wild, and the spouse of a US citizen is standing by for execution because she is a Christian. Wonder if she was same sex partner how fast the Whitehouse would respond? Fuel and food prices are going up. Meanwhile the president is doing workout videos, trading terrorists for a deserter, playing golf and signing LGBT executive orders while Harry Reid is worried about the Washington Redskins name and who is offended by it.  Partisan politics are always more important to these people that doing their jobs, like allowing legislation passed in the House to come up for a vote or doing what is best for the American people not the Democratic party. Some Democrat supporters will say the president has been busy catching the terrorist responsible for the Benghazi attack, to which I respond not true because he did not know about it until he read it in the newspaper. He will however, take credit for it.

As nice as it would be to point a finger, not saying which one, solely at the Democrat Liberal Progressive party, the GOP has problems of its own. Where is the GOP leadership taking this administration to task and pointing out the hypocrisy? They are absent and basically no different from the rest of the get re-elected party in DC. The number of issues that the GOP could be calling the Democrats out on daily are too many to list in one article but how about starting with some obvious ones like; The war on women and income disparity while the Whitehouse pays women less than men, extending unemployment benefits to create more jobs, or the redress of global warming and crippling the economy with stricter coal regulations. Heck the “Ruling our country by regulation” versus legislation should be a topic all by itself but the GOP refuses to call this administration out over the excess of regulation or to defund them. How about rising fuel prices that have done nothing but climb during this administration because we refuse to strive for energy independence which Jimmy Carter said the Department of Energy needed to do. Or saying the borders are more secure than ever, while kids flood across them. Take Obamas statement that Al Qaida is on the run…yeah, straight to Bagdad. Not to mention that the IRS scandal, and the fact they are still targeting conservative groups. How about Benghazi, which most liberals think is some dude. However, the best came today as the president encouraged Maliki to be inclusive and work with all parties. This coming from the same guy who classifies anyone who disagrees with him as a racist or enemy, then vows to punish his enemies.

The problem we face is that not only are the Democrats and liberals out of touch living in their Idealist Utopia, but the GOP is scared to say anything for fear they would appear racist. The GOP had two great spokesman that could go toe to toe with the Democrats and laugh at being called a racist. Herman Cain and Alan West were great honest spokesman for conservative values but the GOP ran them off as too conservative or Tea Party types. And here in lies the problem with the GOP and shows how out of touch they are with their base. While Democrats strategize on how to win elections at all cost, The GOP strategizes on how to defeat conservatives at all costs. Neither strategy will benefit the American people in the long or short term.

I wish the owner of the Washington Redskins would call a big press conference to make a name change announcement. And with all the cameras running and shutters clicking state” It has come to our attention that some are very offended by our team name the Washington Redskins. Several Washington elites have been very vocal from the president and senate majority leader down to some other minor representatives and minions of the ruling class. After much soul searching and reviewing the facts as well as looking at the polling data I have to agree. I am very disgusted as well with the disparagement of fine individuals that work so hard to earn an honest living by a name that is not well thought of. So with that in mind we are dropping the name Washington from the Redskins franchise so we no longer offend anyone!” Maybe, just maybe that would get the Washington DC elites attention, but I seriously doubt it.