Liberals are nothing if not predictable.

We look at facts and see a clear distinction between two situations. When George W. Bush believed it was necessary to invade Iraq, he asked for a congressional resolution authorizing the attack, and he got it. Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Joe Biden were among the senators who voted to authorize Bush’s action. He went to the United Nations Security Council and got a 9-7 vote in favor, but that wasn’t enough because the French and the Russians used their veto power. Still, he got a majority.

And whether you agreed with the Iraq War or not, Bush got rid of Saddam Hussein quickly and ultimately put down the insurgency. He gave Iraq a solid chance to make it as a self-governing nation. We don’t know what will ultimately happen there – and it sure would have helped if Obama hadn’t welched on the status-of-forces agreement that would have left the U.S. as a strong force for stability there – but the Iraq War was an action taken with clear objectives and support from all the necessary sources. And it made a difference.

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