A few observations:

First, how can any Democrat seek justice for Caylee with a clear conscience? Had Caylee been murdered in the womb just two years earlier, Liberals and Academic Elitists would praise Casey Anthony for claiming her rights as a woman under the Roe vs. Wade decision.

Second, had Casey been convicted of murder, Liberals would have claimed she was insane. (By the way, anyone who kills their two-year-old is insane. But they are still guilty of murder.) A human life is still a human life whether it was taken by an insane person or not.

Third, it appears that the Casey Anthony jury has been watching too many episodes of CSI. I have two good friends who work for the FBI. One of them reminded me that we don’t always have fingerprints and DNA from a crime scene. Forensics are not nearly as advanced as Hollywood would have us believe. The jury had a difficult job to be sure. But every one of them has said they think Casey is guilty, but did not have enough evidence to find her officially guilty. Under this jury’s standard, nobody could have been tried and convicted for murder one hundred years ago.

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