Cultural liberals are feeling their oats these days. Emboldened by the leftward drift of society and the consequent laissez faire attitudes of younger Americans toward homosexuality, liberals decided to take the next logical step in their nefarious agenda: deliver a knockout punch to religious liberty by using government coercion to force Americans to endorse same-sex marriage. Liberals have long known what Christians and other freedom-loving Americans are only now beginning to realize: The cultural battle that is raging in American society is not between those who advocate for gay rights and those who advocate for religious rights. Rather the battle is between Christianity itself and those who oppose Christian values. Ask yourself this question: How many cases have you seen so far in which same-sex marriage (SSM) advocates have targeted Muslim, Hindu, or Jewish businesses?

The targets of same-sex marriage advocates are not just Christian-owned small businesses that provide wedding-related services such as baking cakes, taking photographs, and printing invitations. Because Christian businesses such as these are being regularly harassed by SSM advocates and even fined by government agencies, many Christians have come to believe that liberals simply want to punish those who oppose them by shutting down their businesses. If only this were the extent of their plans. While making life difficult for those who refuse to endorse SSM is part of the cultural left’s agenda, punishing those who oppose the concept is small potatoes compared to the larger agenda of the cultural left: shutting down Christianity itself. Cultural liberals know what many Christians are only now beginning to acknowledge: The cultural war is on and orthodox Christianity is the enemy that has been targeted by the Left.

Orthodox Christianity is the last bastion of a value system that is diametrically and forever opposed to the homosexual agenda. While it is a sad fact that there are churches and even whole denominations that long ago ceded Biblical authority to the fickle whims and ever-changing trends of society, it is also true that—in the words of David French (Imprimis, April 2015)—“… not a single orthodox denomination is making or even contemplating” the theological and doctrinal changes demanded by cultural liberals. In other words, the battle lines have been drawn. Christians have given ground to cultural liberals year after year in the misplaced hope that society would come to its senses and the moral decay would stop. But decay does not stop unless someone does what is necessary to stop it.

Orthodox Christians have finally been pushed to the point where they finally realize the time has come to take a stand. With the current campaign to force Christian businesses out of business for refusing to participate in SSM ceremonies, the cultural left is making the mistake of starting across a “bridge too far.” Evidence of Christians stiffening their resolve to fight back was first seen when the cultural left tried to boycott Chick-fil-A because its CEO made comments in support of traditional marriage. Thanks to a gentle nudge from former Governor Mike Huckabee, the planned disruption of business at Chick-fil-A restaurants quickly turned into the biggest business day in the chain’s history and an even bigger embarrassment for the cultural left. Christians and First Amendment advocates turned out by the thousands to support a restaurant many of them did not even patronize until the boycott. Not only did they give Chick-fil-A a welcome boost in sales, they sent a powerful message to the cultural left.

A similar phenomenon occurred more recently when a Pizza parlor stated publically that it would refuse to cater a SSM ceremony. The mainstream media was practically breathless in its sensationalized, politically-correct coverage of the story and, of course, spineless government officials assessed fines and made threats. It looked as if another Christian business owner would be forced out of business for upholding to his religious beliefs. But then Christians from all across America went on-line and donated close to a million dollars within just 48 hours to support the Pizza Parlor. Again the cultural left was given an embarrassing black eye and, had they been paying attention, evidence that they are approaching a “bridge too far.”

Here is what David French wrote about the battle being waged between cultural leftists and Christianity in America: “…if the cultural left is hoping to dominate the culture—and feels strong in its coastal bastions—it is over-reaching, extending beyond the limits of its power. It is exposing itself to embarrassing cultural defeats and succeeding mainly in hardening conservative resolve. In the fight over religious freedom, the Left will not prevail.” American Christians with even a cursory knowledge of history have the benefit of knowing what happened to the Jews in the years before World War II. They also know that many Jews made the mistake of complacently accepting what the Nazi’s dished out because they could not accept that the attacks on their businesses and synagogues were really happening or that they would continue.

SSM advocates are now using bullying tactics against Christian businesses that are reminiscent of those used against Jewish businesses in the years leading up to World War II. They are not yet burning and looting Christian businesses, but they are targeting them for bullying tactics designed to put them out of business. Their message is clear: “Endorse our homosexual beliefs or we will destroy you.” Just as the Nazis had the support of the German government in carrying out their anti-Judaism agenda, SSM advocates have the support of the federal government in carrying out a campaign of harassment, threats, and lawsuits against Christian business owners.

The battle between Christianity and the culture is hardly new. Consequently, David French claims that Christians and conservatives should be prepared for more “…battles over weddings, more campus intolerance, more boycotts, and more cultural anger and division.” In fact, I will give French the last word on this subject: “Cultural rejection is a scriptural promise and a longtime historical fact. American Christians shouldn’t feel overwhelmed in the face of relatively minimal (by comparison to Christians in the Middle East for example) persecution. Christianity has survived lions. It is surviving beheadings. It can certainly survive Twitter.”