The lawmakers promoting the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) insist that in the long term it will improve the economy by protecting the intellectual property market and the associated industries and jobs. That would increase revenue and would guard American Internet ventures against economic harm perpetrated by foreign websites.

It does seem odd that given the safeguards supposedly established by SOPA, so many online organizations — Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Reddit, and YouTube — have aligned themselves against the measure and are actively working to prevent its passage.

Perhaps these information-age giants are onto something. Perhaps they understand that by granting the government the power to pull the plug on any one of these websites at any time without warning, SOPA is a persuasive disincentive to investment and thus to corporate growth and survival.

So, in light of the weight of the foregoing evidence of the economic hardship and disincentive to innovation that would follow enactment of SOPA (or any similar bill), why would Big Labor — the AFL-CIO, Teamsters Union, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers—- be so anxious to throw their substantial financial resources behind passage of SOPA?

Is not the elimination of jobs contrary to the purported raison d’etre of any organization which claims to be a watchman on the tower, protecting workers and their jobs from elimination?

As the bill currently sits in committee awaiting consideration and mark-up, there is yet ample time for the American public already weary of government actions which have crippled the once mighty economic well-being of this republic to contact their elected federal representatives and encourage them to thwart this latest assault on free enterprise.

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