January is Family Worship Month and pastors around the world are speaking to their congregations Sunday, January 29th about the importance of reading the scriptures, praying and singing together as a family in the home.

The release of the films Courageous and Gather the Family, both available at Family Christian Bookstores, have ignited thousands of men to become spiritual leaders in the home. Additionally, well known authors, theologians, and Christian leaders have stepped out in front of the Family Worship Movement to humbly call the church back to this historic, and life-changing spiritual discipline.

Joel R. Beeke – from an Open Letter to Pastors regarding Family Worship Month
As goes the home, so goes the church, and so goes the nation. Therefore it is of vital importance to us that we, the ministers of the Word, promote family worship in our congregations.

Ray Rhodes – from The Reformation and Family Worship
The Reformation era left a rich legacy of family worship.  The goal of family worship is for you and your family to be exposed to the character of God so that you may know and worship HIm.  Family worship involves regular family gatherings and will always include Scripture readings and prayer.  However, you may also use other material that will help you to focus on the great work of God throughout history.  Remember, as the Puritans taught, your home is a “little church” where Christ is to be worshipped.  The little church does not replace the local church; however, faithfulness in family worship will greatly enhance the congregational worship of God.

Family Worship Month is an inter-denominational movement comprised of leading ministries and Christian leaders to restore the historical practice of family worship.  An annual call each January to pastors, fathers, and mothers, Family Worship Month culminates in Family Worship Sunday which is January 29, 2012 when pastors from around the world will call their congregations and their own households to spend time together in prayer and reading God’s Word.  For more information, contact Steve Morales, 434-286-2275, or email [email protected] Do not forget to sign the Family Worship Declaration to show your support.

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