Let’s begin with a multiple-choice question.

Suppose you heard there was a column in the Leftist Washington Post op-ed page that condescendingly referred to an evangelical Christian political candidate’s campaign as “an appalling crusade” and an “embarrassment.” That also mocked the candidate for wanting to “take back this nation for Christ,” and for believing we’re seeing more violence and nihilism in our culture because we’ve taken God out of the public square?

Whom would you assume that column was written by?

A) Rachel Maddow

B) Richard Dawkins

C) Bill Maher

D) None of the above

If you answered “D” you would be correct. Unfortunately, in this case “none of the above” turned out to be perhaps the most distinguished “conservative” pundit of his era.

The illustrious George Will.

There’s brutally honest vetting of 2016 candidates on the issues like we do here at Conservative Review with our Presidential Profiles, and then there’s below-the-belt sucker punches that serve no purpose in a reasonable debate. Other than revealing the true character (or lack thereof) of its author. I won’t even call Will’s recent screed a hit piece, because that would be an insult to hit pieces. It’s so full of scorn, contempt, and out-of-context attacks on Christianity it could’ve been published at Salon or Media Matters.

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