I enjoy watching conservative pundits bark about the Obama Administration as much as the next liberty-loving girl. But, in the words of my husband, sometimes, the constant conservative barking can be a bit…contrarian. Sometimes, it feels as though conservatives are going to take even the good things that (occasionally) happen in Washington and drench them in negativity, just because that’s what we’re used to doing.

Conservatives and Obama do not mix. Duh. I mean, this administration has done more than its fair share to lead us to cynicism. But, today, the news reported POTUS doing something freaking awesome, and yet conservatives still found a way to spin it negatively.

Obama, yes, that’s right – President Barack Obama is defending and endorsing Christian prayer.

For realz.

In 2008, two New Yorkers sued over the opening Christian prayers that have been conducted in Greece’s town council meetings since 1997 – stating it was a Constitutional violation of “separation of church and state.”

So, you’d expect Obama, given his history in supporting legislation that condemns Christianity and promotes secular humanism, to defend these two anti-religious New Yorkers and their case that is being taken to the Supreme Court, this fall. But, instead, he did something shocking. He came out in support of the Christian prayers!

Michelle Malkin, understandably cynical, said, “Lack of consistency and lack of principle are hallmarks of this administration.” Is she right? Absolutely. She brought up the hypocrisy of Obama’s Christian prayer support in contrast with his Obamacare legislation that penalizes businesses that conduct themselves in a way that aligns with their Christian faith.

She’s right – his endorsement is inconsistent when held up next to so many other things he’s done that have attacked our Christian heritage and even our freedom of religion. I think back to last year, when his administration presented legislation that forbid people from bringing Bibles in when they visited wounded soldiers in Veteran’s hospitals. Tragic. But, today he did something different and unexpected. I could dismiss his supportive gesture by dwelling on his past decisions, but the way I’m choosing to look at it is with gratitude and a heartfelt -HOORAY! Obama did a good thing!

I’m not naive enough to deny that he probably had some political reason for taking a stand for us Christians. But, I’m happy he did this. I am a Christian. So, I wish that Jesus would radically change this man who leads our country and renew his heart and lead him to bring our country back to its Christian values. But, for now, I’m going to take these small victories for what they are – small victories.

Do I actually love Obama today? Sure, I love everybody today. I still disagree with most of what he’s done with his power, but not this. I agree with him – today. And, I think that it’s important that conservatives don’t get so bombarded with the bad that they make even positive things look negative.

Good job, Mr. President. I’ve got your back on this one.