Conservatives long ago ceded control of America’s public schools to liberal zealots who: 1) hate America, 2) use public schools as vehicles for indoctrinating each successive generation of American school children in liberal orthodoxy, 3) disdain America’s Christian heritage, and 4) purposely distort any aspect of America’s history that does not comport with their leftwing agenda.  This being the case, I cannot for the life of me understand why conservatives and Christians still send their children to public school—but most do.  Many conservatives and Christians send their children to leftwing indoctrination centers at least 30 hours a week for 12 years and then wonder why the children reject their values.  But I digress.  The misguided attachment of conservative and Christian parents to public education is a topic for another column.  In this column I use a true event from our nation’s past to illustrate why liberals find it necessary to distort, falsify, and even re-write American history.

One of the many dilemmas progressive liberals face is that they are wedded to an economic system—socialism—that is not only questionable, but has eventually failed everywhere it has been attempted. But don’t take my word for it—ask Mikhail Gorbachev.  In spite of its obvious failures, liberals in America still cling to the failed promises of socialist utopianism and they teach this theoretically attractive philosophy beginning in first grade in America’s public schools.  It should come as no surprise then that today’s 18 to 30 year-olds are known collectively as the “entitlement generation,” among other things. After spending 12 years in a public school system that taught the gospel of nanny government, what else would they believe?

This commitment to socialism is why public school teachers are no longer encouraged or even allowed to present a history lesson on Governor Samuel Bradford and the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  This part of America’s rich and storied past is classified by pro-socialist liberals as inconvenient knowledge to be avoided at all costs.  Why?  Because Bradford and his fellow colonists had not even gotten off their ship before they drew up a charter establishing the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a socialist utopia on the shores of North America.  The colony was supposed to be a model of communal living in which no one owned private property and everyone chipped in equally to work the fields, tend the crops, and protect the inhabitants.

Sounds good does it not?  Socialism usually does—theoretically.  But living through the bitter cold of a Massachusetts winter is anything but theoretical.  Bradford’s communal paradise had barely gained a tentative toehold in the new world before human nature intervened to teach the colonists a harsh lesson: people are not built to live or work communally.  When everyone is responsible for tending the fields, no one is responsible.  When everyone is supposed to pitch in equally, no one pitches in.  Rather, the inevitable shirkers reveal themselves.  Some claim to be too tired to work.  Others claim to be sick.  Before long there are more spectators watching the corn field than workers tending it.  This is precisely what happened in that first bitter winter in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  As a result, in the first year of the settlement a full 50 percent of Bradford’s fellow colonists died of starvation. In the second year, the hidden shortcomings of socialism killed many more.

Fortunately, for those who lived through those terrible first years of the colony Governor Bradford was a man of keen intellect and a devoted reader of Scripture.  It was to Scripture that he turned for help.  There he found the solution that would eventually save his people—literally.  Based on specific Biblical references, Governor Bradford instituted a free market system built on the concept of private property.  Each family received its own property and was allowed to determine how best to use it to provide for itself.  The predictable result was that families in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were soon producing enough to provide for themselves with a surplus left over for trading on the open market.  Socialism almost killed America before it even got started, but the free market rescued it.  This is a fact—a fact that liberal public school teachers don’t want your children to know.