His campaign stumbled coming out of the gate, beset by a series of gaffes — including criticizing as “right-wing social engineering” the Medicare plan put forth by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and supported by nearly every House Republican.

There were also revelations that Gingrich had run up six-figure bills on a revolving charge account at Tiffany — not exactly creating the image of a fiscal conservative.

But what crystallized the dysfunction of the campaign for many of his top advisers was Gingrich’s insistence on taking a two-week vacation with his wife that included an expensive cruise in the Greek islands.

Their disagreements came to a head in a meeting Thursday at Gingrich’s K Street offices that included the Gingriches, campaign manager Rob Johnson and Dawson.

At that session, which was brief, Dawson and Johnson told Gingrich that he deserved to have the campaign that he wanted.

But they also informed him that they — and much of the staff — would not be part of it.

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