As can be seen from the recent presidential election, Democrats will do anything to retain their seats in office—even if the things they do are bad for the individuals they claim to help and bad for America.  One of the things Democrats did in the recent presidential election and have been doing for some time now is pander to unwed mothers.  One of the fastest growing voting blocs in America consists of unwed mothers.  Democrats recognized this fact a long time ago and have worked hard to make single mothers a dependable constituency for their political candidates.

Essentially, the message Democrats have used to lure unwed mothers into the fold is this: “You don’t need a husband.  The federal government will take care of you.”  To convince unwed mothers to buy into this message, all the Democrats had to do was: 1)  eliminate any social stigma that attaches to having a child out of wedlock, 2) encourage unwed mothers to view themselves as victims, and 2) make sure that government entitlements for unwed mothers are plentiful and readily available.  Unfortunately, they have been able to do all three of these things.

Political correctness has taken care of the social-stigma problem that used to be associated with having children without a husband in the picture.  Making unwed mothers view themselves as victims was easy because they often are victims—victims of worthless men who father children and then vanish rather than face up to their responsibilities.  Of course, even in these situations unwed mothers are not completely victims.  Bad choices concerning both sex and men are certainly part of the problem.  This is one of the reasons we have so many children having children in a downward spiraling cycle that just perpetuates itself and gets worse over time.

There are no winners in America’s unwed-mother crisis and there is plenty of guilt on all sides for those who wish to point the finger of blame.  But this aspect of the issue is grist for another article.  My point in this column is that by pandering to unwed mothers Democrats are helping perpetuate and encourage a phenomenon that is bad for women, bad for children, and bad for America. Consider the facts as set forth in a recent article by Larry Doyle: “Children raised by a single mother commit 72 percent of juvenile murders, 60 percent of rapes, have 70 percent of teenaged births, commit 70 percent of suicides and are 70 percent of high school dropouts.  Controlling for socioeconomic status, race and place of residence, the strongest predictor of whether a person will end up in prison is being raised by a single parent.”  A caveat is in order here.  There are many single mothers who are single not by choice but by circumstance and who do a marvelous job in raising their children in spite of the inherent difficulties.  My own mother was a single mother and I am not in prison—at least not yet (but just wait until the left succeeds in making being conservative a crime).  Consequently, things can turn out well in single-parent households, but the odds are stacked against this happening.

There is another downside to single parenting that does not show up in crime statistics but that, in its own way, is just as bad for American society.  I speak here of the contributions unwed mothers make to the on-going feminization of American society when they raise their boys to be girls.  Simply put, to become a man a boy needs the on-going guidance and influence of a man.  What mothers provide to little boys is invaluable, but even the best mother cannot be a father. I know.  I saw the single mother who raised me try.  Fortunately, she admitted the obvious and responded by making sure that male coaches, teachers, and the fathers of friends filled the masculine void in my life.

Consider what Diane Green—herself once a single mother—said about this phenomenon in her article “The Single Mother Crisis”: “Yes.  Single parents can do their best to fill in the gaps as best they can for the absent parent, and most of the time they do a very noteworthy job, but it is literally impossible per se to be a mother and try to fill a man’s shoes in the life of your children.  Just as it is almost impossible for a man to fill a woman’s shoes.  I can tell you from personal experience that for years I believed that I could be the be all and do all for my two older boys (during my single parent days). I was adamant that they didn’t need their father and I would scream to the world that I was daddy as well as mommy.  However, as my boys grew into teenagers, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I realized how wrong I was.”

Rather than selfishly pander to unwed mothers as just another voting bloc, Democrats might for once consider doing something positive for them, their children, and our country.  They can begin by speaking out strongly in favor of two-parent families, helping impose much stronger penalties on deadbeat dads, and sending a clear message that the government is not a fitting substitute for an absent husband and father.