Yes of course, meeting basic survival needs is critical. And that’s what jobs do. But let’s look beyond that for a moment.

Think about it. How much greater this nation would be in a number of ways if everyone was working and contributing to the common good … the common pool of what’s available to us.

There would be dignity and pride in one’s work, instead of the guilt that comes with idleness and living on handouts. I used to tell my son when he was young to look at everything around us …the house, car, television, computer, his video games, food in the fridge, the refrigerator itself, the electricity that powered the house, the instant access to water that made life much more pleasant (something that many third world countries don’t have), etc. Then I said, “Many people have to leave their home for many hours a day just so we could have all those things. And therefore in return we should contribute something also that they could benefit from. And that’s why you need to think about how you want to contribute with your work when you grow up.” And I used to have him contribute in the world of our home with chores. But if it ever seemed hard, he would be able to remember what I taught him. Now that he’s grown up, he’s never had a problem getting work, and he does his jobs with a good attitude.

On the other hand, if a person lives on handouts and isn’t a contributor, built into us are feelings of guilt and low self-esteem as a response to that. Then they might turn to alcohol or drugs or other addictions to try to get rid of those unpleasant feelings. Then that breaks up families and forces the mother to either work or get public assistance … thus leading her to guilt and low self-esteem and anger, as well as the anger or despair of her children for having to grow up in that kind of family setting. And now we have the result of the downward spiral of living in decades of this.

Another great reason for having everyone work is that there would be a lot more work to put into the pool of productivity from which everyone shares. That leads to a greater quality of life for all.

Because of the emotional things I’ve pointed out, the democrats have it wrong when they think that they are helping the poor by giving them handouts.

So then how do the Republicans have it right? They recognize where these jobs will come from. They come from people who have enough money to take a risk and follow a dream and create businesses. Therefore there have to be people who are allowed to have enough money to do that and not tax it away from them. That’s why taxation is another area that the democrats don’t have it right.

The difference between dems and Republicans couldn’t be more stark. And luckily we have a ticket (Romney and Ryan) that can make this case well (as well as many other Republicans). It’s either going to be a nation of criminals, stealing from the taxed and in many cases resorting to greater crimes … or a nation of productive citizens raising the quality of life for all with their work. Now it’s just a matter of Americans hearing this case over and over and then appealing to their conscience as to which group they want to be a part of.

I hope that the fact that liberal Newsweek put on its recent cover “Hit The Road Barack … Why We Need a New President” is a sign of the changing tide in America, because goodness and intelligence and solutions are definitely on the side of the GOP, with just the opposite being the dems policies.

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