The conceit of the left is staggering; their foolishness immense.

They believe that, as contemporary thinkers, they have a monopoly on the truth, simply because they are alive today, and not in an earlier, “less enlightened”, era. C.S. Lewis, the magnificent Christian, novelist and academic, termed it: “chronological bigotry”.

And he is spot on. As conservatives, we reject chronological bigotry. As should all people. Any objective person would draw on the accumulated wisdom of the past to form a comprehensive and coherent view of the world, from which we derive certain principles essential to the promotion of the common good.

To junk virtues, values, and definitions haughtily, with the justification that we “know better now” or “we are smarter than they were” is not simply the height of imperiousness but severely dangerous. It’s why the left think they have the right to re-define our enduring institutions such as marriage. They know better, of course. What did any of those before us know? We’ve moved on. It’s the twenty-first century, you guys. Get with the playbook. It’s time to undermine society completely.

We’re enlightened, they say. Enlightened, my right foot.

Here is where America strikes the most incredible balance of progression and conservation.

Coloring between the lines has never been the American way. It is the most innovative, creative, transformational country the world has ever seen. This progression is why it has lead in all three of the basic waves of human innovation- agricultural, industrial and information. But, until recently, and even now to more of an extent than any other, it has had the good sense particularly in the South and Midwest of the nation to exercise fidelity to social constants: to values and virtues held for time immemorial. Indeed, when one visits these nations, it is difficult to imagine much has changed in fifty years. Technology and the way business is conducted may have changed, but the feel hasn’t. You travel to real America from any other urbanized city of a Western country and you contract hope once more for civilization: people are still friendly, patriotic, happy, polite, and having children. Yes, that’s right: kids and families everywhere. The rest of the West has stopped having children, except for its immigrant Islamic communities. America proves a society can be the most progressive and conservative simultaneously: that’s why it’s exceptional. Progressive and forward thinking in the areas it needs to be; conservative in those areas it needs to be. That’s how a society is best run.

Chronological discrimination is behind the “dinosaur” and “museum-piece” slurs hurled by the left. It’s why they choose to use ‘black and white’ video as an editing technique when formulating their attack ads on YouTube and television. But nostalgia and commitment to timeless and traditional morals, views and virtues bequeathed to you by your parents and grandparents is not only understandable; it is respectful and progressive in itself. Progress includes keeping core elements the same so that other elements can be changed. That’s what the left don’t understand. It’s not fundamental change for everything. Progression in the areas where progression is needed can only happen if certain elements stay the same: those conservative elements enable and are conducive to progression in other areas. Just look at the American example.

People are too easily lured by the guilt associated to conservation, thinking “Oh well, times have to change, I suppose. Can’t always stay the same. Different people here now. Different circumstances, another era.” That might be true about how you do your banking, or your method of communication, or your business but not your way of life- not when it comes to things like your family, faith, flag and neighborhood.

It doesn’t lack confidence or show insecurity to refuse to change some things. It doesn’t mean we are afraid, or unwilling to take charge. The opposite: it is the zenith of confidence and leadership to protect enduring traditions when they are constantly under attack, and the loud minority bully. There is great boldness in this course.

The way these people behave shows they have no respect for their mothers and fathers, their uncles and aunts, their grandmothers and grandfathers, or any of their family. The way these people behave shows they are deeply ashamed of their nations and the culture that has existed until now. The way these people behave shows they have no time for the great thinkers or philosophers of the past. Leftists, as chronological bigots, really are utterly unpatriotic, anti-family, atheistic and weaken Western civilization through their mission to destroy our society as we know it.

To paraphrase the famous line that heads some up of the left’s favorite and most prominent causes across the spectrum: Say no to Chronological Bigotry.