I don’t want to burst anyone’s anti-Obama bubble, but it doesn’t matter what Andrew Breitbart found and what Sean Hannity or anyone else shows about Barack Obama and Derrick Bell. We knew that Obama spent some 20 years at the church led by Jeremiah Wright, and it was passed over. Rick Santorum makes few comments abut contraception, and he wants to establish a theocracy.

Most liberals in the media will only cry “racism!” at any charge of impropriety and others will claim the tapes were heavily edited. And for those who believe it happened as depicted, it won’t matter, because whatever is done in the name of race is morally right even though it would be wrong for any other group to do it.

White Liberals have to show how progressive they are by supporting anything a black person does, even if it is harmful to other blacks. So-called black leaders need their fellow blacks to keep them in power so they can rake in the money. Anything a conservative says or does that affects a black person in any way is by definition a racist act. We should be used to all of this by now. It’ will get worse before it gets better, and there’s no assurance that even that day will come.

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