Some readers are disappointed when we don’t present their favorite candidate in a completely positive light. Unlike the mainstream media however, we are obligated to be fair and objective. Personally, I want to see the most conservative candidate win the nomination. However, I will support whoever wins the nomination. Let me explain why you should as well.

As everyone can observe, the primary process is getting nasty. Keep in mind that this process was designed to give us the best candidate. Candidates have to fight and prove they are the best. At the end of the day however, we will have a nominee that not every conservative can agree to support. This brings me to a very important goal that all conservatives must seek to achieve: We must unite and support the Republican nominee no matter what!

If we are going to ensure our country’s survival, we must remember just three letters—ABO: Anybody But Obama. If we were really honest with ourselves, Hillary would have been a better Democrat than Obama. Misguided as she is, she is an American and does not hate America like Obama does. That’s what I mean when I say, Anybody But Obama! But I digress. Let’s talk about the various candidates.

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