In 2008, women flocked to voting booths in droves to support Barack Obama. However, in recent months President Obama has lost ground among women and Mitt Romney has gained ground correspondingly. But even with his recent losses, the President is still comfortably ahead of Romney among women voters. This fact raises some interesting questions: Why would women vote for President Obama? What is the attraction? Have they examined his record as it relates to women? Even a cursory examination of Obama’s record as president will show that he is the last person a thinking woman would vote for.

One suspects that women who support President Obama are either leftist ideologues of the Wasserman-Schultz variety or they are busy people who have not done their homework and, as a result, have bought into the liberal media’s portrayal of Republicans as women haters. By the way, the media’s definition of a woman hater is anyone who: 1) does not agree with abortion on demand at any stage in a pregnancy, or 2) does not think taxpayers should have to pay for a woman’s contraceptives.

Writing for the June 2012 issue of Townhall, Erika Johnsen summarized the left’s disingenuous appeals to women on Obama’s behalf in these words: “The 2012 campaign is legitimately underway, and one of the most salacious themes the Left has been using to distract Americans from more vital issues—like jobs and the economy—is the GOP’s trumped-up ‘war on women.’ Based on nothing more than the fact that conservatives are opposed to Obama’s contraception mandate that would require religious employers to cover the costs of birth control—since conservatives are generally opposed to forcing people to provide other people with free stuff and generally in favor of religious freedom—the mainstream media has been perpetuating the distorted lie that Republicans ‘hate women’ and want to take away their independence.”

Mitt Romney’s campaign is challenging the mainstream media on its distortions relating to women as well as other issues. To set the record straight, the Romney campaign released the following eye-opening facts concerning what has happened to women during President Obama’s time in office (Source: 1) Under President Obama, more women have struggled harder to find work than at any time in recorded history, 2) Women account for more than 92 percent of the jobs lost under President Obama, 3) President Obama has the worst record in 20 years on female participation in the workforce, 4) Under President Obama the number of unemployed women has increased by 858,000, 5) When Barack Obama was sworn in as president, female unemployment was 7.0 percent—by March of 2012 it had grown to 8.1 percent, 6) When Barack Obama was sworn in as president, 5.0 million women were unemployed—by March of 2012 that figure had increased to 5.9 million, 7) When Barack Obama was sworn in as president, the unemployment rate among black women was 10.2 percent—by March of 2012 it had grown to 13.3 percent, 8) When Barack Obama was sworn in as president, the unemployment rate among Hispanic or Latina women was 10.2 percent—by March of 2012 it had grown to 10.8 percent.

These numbers paint a much different and more accurate picture of how women have fared under President Obama than the disingenuous picture being circulated by the liberal media. Knowing these facts, why would women who are not leftwing ideologues vote for Barack Obama?