He and Hillary have the same imagination at times it seems….
Check it out:

Just to be clear, I’m not saying he should be fired in light of last night’s jaw-dropping revelations. I’m asking the question. And I’m answering it: No, he won’t lose his job. NBC News is far too invested in Williams to bump him off over this years-long fabrication, and certain media figures seem to be bulletproof, regardless of their infraction. The network had their anchor apologize on air last night, but as others have noted, he still isn’t coming fully clean. Williams’ longer explanation on Facebook cited the “fog” of war as a culprit in the confusion, claiming that he’d “conflated” the helicopter he was traveling in with the one that was struck by an enemy RPG. This version leaves the impression that he was part of a convoy that came under direct fire, forcing emergency landings. The reality was quite different:

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