The 2014 elections should be a slam dunk for the GOP as the Democratic Party has provided plenty of opportunities to use obvious facts to show why conservative values and the Constitution are a better choice than anything the Democrats have to offer for America; the nation for which they have nothing but contempt.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the GOP will take advantage of what the Democrats have given them as they are afraid to be perceived by the media as mean spirited.  The GOP needs to realize that the media will never be on their side and not worry about pointing out the flawed policies of progressives and the Obama administration.  The failed, flawed, delayed, and burdensome rollout of Obamacare  should be a game changer by itself but the GOP acts like they join the Democrats in wanting to keep  control over Americans through this legislation.

Any legislation with 3,000 pages and regulations that stand over seven feet tall should be rescinded. The GOP instead demonizes true conservatives who speak out against it. Another thing the GOP should exploit is the Democrats focus on income inequality.  You know the same income inequality that the Democratic Party sees no problem with as long as they can grow government while the hard working middle class suffers? The same income inequality ignored by a president who has vacationed more, travelled more, partied more, golfed more than any president ever, living like royalty while the hard-working middle-class suffers?   The same income inequality seen by Michele Obama’s $8,500 per night hotel suite, and 70 servant entourage for her trip to China or the President’s 900 person entourage for his latest globe trot to the G-8 and other places while creating new global problems and a wider credibility gap for the US. That income inequality?

Other opportunities are Harry Reid’s arrogant comments regarding voters in the last election and recently about Obamacare registration.  When the voting machines already had Obama and Reid selected, he said it was old people not understanding technology.  His imperial attitude  was seen again when he said  anyone who says Obamacare  has caused them problems is a liar, then finally last week he said the problem is not the website but old people who are not tech savvy.  Basically he is saying that old people are stupid and everyone else is a liar.

The GOP should take to task a president who ignores the Constitution as he invokes a right he does not have to change or not enforce legislation, claiming powers not granted him by the Constitution.

The GOP should take on the POTUS and SECDEF for weakening our military with their social engineering experimentation which is negatively impacting our combat readiness and troop morale.  They should also take them on for neutering our intelligence community’s ability to train against Islamic terrorism.  I guess Obama really believes that Al-Qaida is on the run and no longer a threat.  The president’s lack of understanding  the international community can be seen by his arrogant attitude that still dismisses that Romney was right regarding Russia being a true geo-political threat.  Sadly there is nothing we can do about Russia as Obama has seen to it that the United States no longer has any clout.  In his cluelessness Obama refers to Russia as a regional power, not a global influencer and stated that “he is more concerned about the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan than Russian aggression in Ukraine.” OOP’s or does he know something we don’t.  Is he aware of a threat against Americans he won’t acknowledge?  Also, if Russia is only a regional power then why do we care what they do?  Let the region deal with it!  What about the NSA spying on Americans?  Obama was the one who came out strongly against it during the Bush era, but has greatly expanded and increased it during his tenure.

The GOP needs to take on the made up global warming scam which is about as real as the so-called war on woman.  As we experienced record cold this winter the only thing colder is this administration as they sue the Little Sisters of the Poor, who are a celibate, poverty order serving the sick and dying.  Obama feels that they need to pay for women’s contraception and birth control so they can have recreational sex and be treated more like objects, instead of women, by men who take advantage of them.  It’s like a Bill Clinton holdover law for White House interns.  The truth is Democrats have declared a war on woman and minorities, just look at the facts.

The GOP could point out the Democrats attack on the Second Amendment or Obama’s choice for the next surgeon general who wants to regulate firearms as a health risk.  They should call out Keith Ellison on his push to abolish the Second amendment.

The GOP should liken the Democratic Party to DeBlasio in NYC and his wanting to close charter schools.  The Democrats philosophy is, if it works and is helping people, stop it or get control of it so the people don’t get too self sufficient.

These are just a few examples of the low hanging fruit to fight the Democrats with.  The real problem the GOP faces is that the Speaker is a Charlie Crist Republican. He is glad to take credit for his rise to power and prominence but quick to forget who gave him the honor…Conservatives.  It was the TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVES in the GOP, Democrat, Libertarian, and Independent parties who won the Congress.  Individuals who were tired of business as usual made him the Speaker, but he has forgotten them and therein is the problem with the opportunity to take the Senate.  The GOP will continue to court moderates and alienate their base.  The fact that the Democratic Party is saying how the Tea Party will not allow the GOP to win again should tell leadership that Democrats are scared to death of conservatives.  Unfortunately the masters of the obvious in DC will completely miss the opportunity to win, because of their arrogance and incompetence.