One can only hope.
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Yesterday I wrote at some length about how contempt of Congress citations don’t mean very much anymore, despite Attorney General Eric Holder’s occasional complaints to the contrary. If you reach the aristocratic heights of Holder or former IRS Tax Exempt Organizations director Lois Lerner, it doesn’t make much practical difference in your life, or political stature, to get slapped with a contempt notice. It certainly hasn’t put any cracks in Holder’s perpetual stonewall of House investigations.

Since contempt votes are likely to be strongly partisan affairs, if not straight party-line votes, the subject will always find a receptive audience for claims he or she was the target of a witch hunt by the opposing party. This seems especially likely in Eric Holder’s case. And if Lois Lerner gets held in contempt by House Oversight Republicans, it probably won’t stop her from getting that job with Obama’s political action group that she’s been dreaming of… you know, the one she gave express service to, while cracking down on every conservative group Democrat politicians pointed a finger at.

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