I did something different than fireworks this 4th of July, I went to the movies. We went to see Man of Steel, it was a pretty good flick (though the last 40 minutes got to be a bit much. So beat up the bad guy already!). But something else struck me while in the theater. In addition to Man of Steel having messianic undertones and strongly patriotic themes (which I liked very much by the way), so did all the movie previews.
For example the new Hunger Games movie trailer is full of talk of throwing off tyranny, rebellion, liberty and freedom. I noticed those last two words being particularly prevalent in several other movie trailers as well. So does this mean anything? Modern day Hollywood is lots of things, but the adjective, “patriotic” doesn’t come to mind. Still, they will not hesitate to market that which will sell. So are they anticipating that the concepts of liberty and freedom will sell movie tickets? I sure hope so.
I could care less about the movie studios making money, but I certainly would like to see a renewal of these concepts within our culture. I don’t trust Hollywood to articulate these concepts in anything like an accurate and meaningful manner, but the optimist in me still trusts a large percentage of the American people. Perhaps a few hit movies with these themes will awaken the sleeping giant we have heard about all of our lives. Something had certainly better awaken the giant, and soon.
We look around us and what do we see? The IRS as a bludgeon used against hundreds (perhaps thousands) of American citizens, the right of the people of California to amend their constitution subverted by less than ten justices (including the 9th circuit), the NSA spying on all of us, Benghazi now nothing more than an afterthought. The first subpoena in that investigation was finally issued a full eleven months after brave Americans were left to die. Why wasn’t congress issuing subpoena’s on day four after the attacks?
I was talking to a friend yesterday and he used a powerful analogy. We the conservative people are wide awake and engaged now. Yet even as we form a defensive perimeter to try and utilize all legal means to defend our freedom, we must admit something. The enemies of liberty have long ago overrun our positions. As we circle around the constitution to defend her, we must realize that the enemy is already behind us. Their level of treachery is so far beyond our normal thought processes that as we organize to defend at point “A”, they have already sacked “E”, “F”, and “G”.
We must regain political ground and we must do it very fast. If we cannot place many more conservatives in both the House and Senate in 2014, then I am afraid 2016 will be too late. I’ve never seen anything like the whirlwind that has descended upon our rights and liberties in just the past twenty-four months. A complicit and compliant media is a huge part of the problem.
I wonder if there is more we can do as citizens. I have signed petitions, called congressman till my phone buttons were worn out, written letters and even attended protests. But while we hold signs in the middle of Washington Mall, the Administration daily shreds the Bill of Rights and Justices act as despots. I don’t know what the next move needs to be to up the intensity and effectiveness of our defense, but one thing is certain. We are suffering from a vacuum in leadership. Ted Cruz is great, and Rand Paul is a favorite son in Kentucky but we need more. Louis Gohmert, Michelle Bachman and Steve King are great Representatives, but they must be getting worn down by the non-stop attacks they face daily.
It’s time to up our game. If you know of neighbors and friends who stubbornly vote for whatever Democrat is on the ballot, it’s time to stop worrying about offending them. If a leader at any level is participating in the destruction of our liberties (such as freedom of religion) then we must speak out against that leader at the local level and be ready to explain why we are speaking against him. We have just over 12 months to win over at least ten percent of the voting (or those who are eligible and yet not voting) population over to our side. And we are going to have to fight false media reports every step of the way to do it.
If we the people cannot affect the outcome in 2014 in a major way, then terms like freedom, liberty, and equality, are only going to be words in a movie and independence will be a celebration of something we used to enjoy.
Chris Skates is the author of the novel, Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To Do With The Environment, which is available in the Patriot Bookstore and the soon to be released historical novel The Tower. You can find all his novels on his author page at Amazon.com He has been published in dozens of national magazines and has authored multiple technical articles in his field of Chemistry. You can follow his blog at www.chrisskates.com