That would certainly bring about Armageddon.
Check it out:

That’s the question Micah Zenko poses at Foreign Policy. It’s partly a rhetorical question meant to highlight a perceived double standard in how Israel’s nuclear program is treated differently from Iran’s–a double standard that isn’t really one at all, since Israel is a democratic country and not a party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty in any case. But it’s also a practical question, because of the low probability that normal air strikes would be enough to destroy Iran’s dispersed, secretive, and largely buried nuclear facilities.

The short answer is: probably not. Only a small percentage of the Israeli public would favor such a move, and it would instantly transform Israel into the ultimate pariah state. Israel’s current strategy, as far as it is known at the moment, is a second-strike strategy. It is thought to be arming submarines with nuclear warheads that will automatically launch if any attack is detected against Israeli territory, guaranteeing massive retaliation against the source of that attack even if there are no Israelis left to retaliate.

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