Hardly a day goes by without somebody in government or the big liberal media complaining about all the jobs that U.S. corporations have moved overseas, or lamenting the loss of the American heartland’s once mighty industrial capacity. Lost amid all the shouting and cursing is this fact: Thanks to recent advances in drilling technology, especially the use of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and horizontal drilling, this nation stands on the threshold of an incredible industrial renaissance powered by the availability of immense supplies of affordable natural gas and oil harvested from the continental United States and its offshore dominions.

Unfortunately, there is a very big “but” in this otherwise tremendously encouraging scenario: Big Green environmentalists and their allies in government, beginning with President Obama and many of his key appointees at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Interior. Obama and company are determined to force the U.S. to stop using fossil fuels and instead convert to alternative energies like wind, solar and thermal. Such a transition will come someday, but it will be at least three decades before alternative sources can replace significant portions of energy production now generated with fossil fuels.

Alternative energy advocates are pulling out all their propaganda and government lobbying stops to greatly limit the use of fracking or eliminate it entirely. So the issue here is clear: Will American technology be allowed to generate thousands of jobs and economic growth, or will Obama and his Big Green friends kill the U.S. industrial renaissance in its crib?

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