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Think Mitt Romney won’t run again in 2016?

For those dismissing the possibility of the two-time presidential candidate launching another bid — and they may be wise to do so — a recent poll at least shows the former GOP nominee still has a loyal following in parts of the country.

First, the reality check. Romney, after two tiring presidential campaigns, consistently has said he is not running.

But the University of New Hampshire/WMUR-TV poll in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire recently showed Romney with 30 percent support — blowing away a crowded field of potential 2016 Republican candidates who fail to even crack double digits.

Despite the seemingly long odds of a Romney entry into this field, the buzz has been percolating for a long time, and has grown unchallenged by anyone in Romney’s inner circle.

If there is such thing as a Romney revival, it would have begun last August when the Republican National Committee held its summer meeting in Boston at the very same Westin Hotel and Convention Center where Romney watched his candidacy wither on Election Day 2012. At the meeting, several Romney insiders began to light-heartedly ruminate about the plausibility of a third Romney run with delegates, guests and even a few political reporters.

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