When the bull is escorted from the china shop after all the
pieces are broken, it’s hard to put things back together.  The
United States is the china shop…guess who’s the bull.  I
suggest that the horns are the president and the body belongs to
the Democratic party.  For those who haven’t listened; didn’t
care; belittled the soothsayers; sloughed off the radicals and
ridiculed the lovers of this country, what you’re seeing now is
the beginning of the end.

The illegitimate president of this once great land has been
running rampant with nothing to stop him.  From left-wing Supreme
Court justices to Benghazi to Solyndra to disregard of
limitations on presidential powers to borders wide open to
illegals, drug traffickers and open invitations to hundreds of
thousands of illegal children from everywhere south to house-
feed-educate in camps and border cities.  Can anyone look at this
president and truthfully believe that he loves this country?
Would anyone, with any connection to the United States, do what
he is doing?  It appears that the only thing that is precious to
him is his game and his vacations.  There is no “homeland,” no
attachment to its history, settlement, tremendous contributions
to the world in manufacturing, music, medicine, Christian
universities, medical missions, hospitals…the list is endless
what this country has accomplished, and that’s not even
scratching the surface.  World War II that scarred the meadows of
Europe with American blood – to save the world from evil empires
bent on destruction.  It was America who sent its millions of
young men and women to fight for those countries that couldn’t
fight for themselves.  And then built the enemy countries back up
so that they could, once again, join and contribute to society.
This is the country I remember, whose many relatives and friends
now push up poppies in Flander’s Field.  This was the most
magnanimous country whose history overshadows every other that
ever existed.

And here we are.  A president who actually hates everything he
sees: a country to destroy; people to exploit with free food,
cell phones, stripped of their natural desire to be productive
and independent; a land-grabbing enterprise in his evil EPA that
usurps and tramples on free enterprise; arming every federal
agency with billions of arms and ammo to protect him when (not
if) the people finally open their eyes to the devastated
landscape before them and realize they have been had.  Well,
there are those whose voices have been squelched through the
propaganda of his office and the complicit press to cover up the
egregious actions ongoing.  What is happening is no secret; even
his supporters, who only voted for him because he is black, are
now recognizing their grievous error in the monster behind the
marionettes.  It’s too late to glue the pieces back together, but
it’s not too late to take action to stem the further destruction
emanating from his evil mind.  If Congress doesn’t act soon to
arrest this enemy of the Republic, it will be up to those who
still love this country.  Let’s hope that the result won’t
emulate the Field of Flander’s.