Let me ask each of you a question, “How many real Americans have given their life for America?” These people have sacrificed the only thing that is near and dear to us all; one’s life. They have given their own life so the rest of us can live and prosper in America. Take a few moments to ponder how many Americans have done this for each of us…

Now, let us take a short look at what President Obama has done for us. He has done so much harm to us that people are now writing books about how much bad he has done to America. These authors have clear documentation with accurate footnotes on all the terrible things he is doing to us. It is not what he is saying to us that matters, it is his actions that matters; remember actions speak louder than words. His actions are enormously horrendous towards America and our allies. I am not writing a book here, but I do want to make a very clear point about Barack Obama; Barack Obama is not an honest American.

How much do you, your coworkers and family believe that President Obama loves America? Does he love America so much, that he would sacrifice at the same level as my opening statement? Would you sacrifice your life for America if you knew our leadership was not trying to destroy our nation? I know President Obama would not actually sacrifice one dollar out of his own pocket for America. It would be like pealing the skin off his arm if he were to sacrifice one dollar for America. So if he is not a person who is willing to sacrifice anything, then, who is this man? If you ask me, the bigger question is, “What does he love so much; since it is not America?”

It is evident and becoming even more clear that President Obama only loves “POWER.” He has spent millions of our tax dollars to hide his past and for what reason has he done so. Let me ask you if there has been any other President of the USA that has EVER hidden his past? I mean, hidden his past by Executive Orders so that his past is not ever to be released to the public? Barack Obama has something to hide and he and his Democratic buddies have hidden it; period.

I will tell you Barack Obama ONLY loves Power. He loves power so much that he is actually willing to sacrifice something. You may be asking ‘What is he willing to sacrifice for his love of power?’ He is willing to sacrifice America to satisfy his appetite for POWER. Has there been ANY other President that has been willing to put the United States into such a bad financial position that we are heading toward an economic meltdown after 3 straight years of his policies? As lame-brained as some Presidents in our past have been on some topics, has there been any other President who has systematically done more to hurt America than Barack Obama has? No. Let me just say that Barack Obama has not had even one, of his two, proposed budgets approved by his OWN Democratic political party! It is Barack Obama, who has planned, executed and is continuing to suppress our Nation and he can blame whomever he wants. We know the truth and the truth is President Obama and his Democratic partners in Congress are the reason we are in the mess we are in!

So, back to the original question of what does Barack Obama really love? Well, we know for a fact he is not willing to be honest about his qualifications to be President because he has hidden so much of his past in Executive Orders that there is no way for us to know who he really is. If Barack Obama was a real American, would he have to hide his past? If he was not just seeking POWER over us, then why does he not release all of the documents he has forced to remain hidden? He is not an American and he is not a TRUE American, because he is not willing to sacrifice ANYTHING of himself for America. What he really wants is for all of US to be sacrificed for HIM. Based upon all of the actions he has done while he has been in office for America, does it look like he is someone who we want to lead us over the next four years; I pray NOT.

Now, let us take a quick look at those who actually support this person. My question to you is, “how can they NOT be so color blind as to support him just because he is ½ black?” Yes, I said it and here is why I said it. It is clear that the black community is really not color blind because the color they only see is black. I say this because over 80% of the black community supports him even though they do not support his policies. Why do they do this? It is only because Obama has some black in his blood.

Some of Barack Obama’s policies are in direct opposition of the black community. Obama supports gay marriage, he has created the financial meltdown of our dollar which has impoverished the black community worse than any other community in America and he and his buddies have continuously released sensitive national security documents to our enemies. As a community, the black community in general does not support these policies on their own merit. Obviously, these people of color, in fact, vote only for a man who is ½ black and they do not care one iota about the nation they are living in. Black seems to be more important than red, white and blue of America. Is this really true? It must be because they can only see ½ of a man who is black, who pretends to care about America and who is acting towards America in only a ½ ass way. And we should be happy about this?

If we ‘True Americans’ do not stand up and fight against the ideologies of Barack Obama as well as fight against the Democratic Party who supports this person, then we deserve to lose our country. We have allowed a person and his political party to run us into the ground. This man has been far less than honest with us and he has become our President; he has led us down a terrible road just to gain power over us. We have given him POWER, which is the only thing he craves and he has abused and distorted this power because he is “mad with power.” He does not care about America or us Americans because he ONLY cares about his insatiable lust for POWER that he believes he has over us.

Know this my fellow Americans that this person will sacrifice ALL OF US in order to satisfy his need for power. He will do ANYTHING to stay in power and has proved this point by spending millions of our dollars to keep his past a secret. Why did he do this if he is honest and has nothing to hide? There is not one level where Barack Obama will be honest with us. He is not willing to sacrifice himself for the good of America because he believes he has power over us. We have to be asking who this person is, what type of character does he have and who are those people who are supporting this person?

Do we really want this type of person and his political party leading America, especially for another four years? Please ponder these questions and get back to me on your thoughts.