“Projection.” Psychology defines this term as accusing others of thoughts, intentions or actions that are, in reality, what they themselves, think, intend, or do.

Democrats have accused the right of being Nazis for ages (remember Bush=Hitler?). Last year saw Nikki Haley accused of channeling Eva Braun, Paul Ryan linked with Josef Goebbels’ “big lie” and so on. Pure projection.  Democrats might consider being careful about hollering “Nazism” at others; the “Nazi” shoe appears to fit Democrats better than the glass slipper fit Cinderella.  National Socialism is a charged label. And just like the original Party, it gets traction from the top down.

The time has come to remove our politically correct blinkers and have the honesty to declare who has really adopted the tenets of National Socialism. America’s future depends on it.

National Socialists, for example, relied on unions. Membership was, theoretically, voluntary but union activity was instrumental in cementing National Socialist control of Germany. Mandatory dues raised millions of Deutschmarks, annually, for the National Socialist Party. It became difficult to get a job without being a union member. The blind devotion unions (e.g. SEIU, Teamsters, teachers unions) grant the Democrat party is comparable. Democrats are, in return, staunch advocates of union dominance. Democrat candidates from the top down get enormous amounts of cash and support from unions. Vilification, even physical assault on non-union employees has become depressingly common. Elections are hijacked and state officials are forced into recall elections by union strong-arm tactics. Obamacare promotes unionization of the health care industry (including physicians). Such Brown Shirt tactics aren’t being perpetrated by the GOP; they are the result of escalating Democrat harassment. The irony is, apparently, lost on the true perpetrators. The DAF (German Labor Front) was born biased against capitalism and advocated that large companies be nationalized by the German state. Sound familiar? Think General Motors. Think health care. The Fuhrer-In-Chief isn’t done yet

A primary doctrine of National Socialism was all about “redistribution of wealth.” National Socialism ascended when Germany’s economy was not just circling the drain but had become solidly lodged in the toilet. “Hope and change” was pledged to revive Germany’s glory. Today’s Democrat Party is systematically destroying the U.S. economy after gaining power. The president is still blaming the GOP for his own, raging profligacy. National Socialism sought national ascendency. The Democrat Party . . . descent. Same methods, different results. Both intentional.

The media was National Socialism’s most powerful, internal tool, fabricating “news” out of whole cloth in support of the Nazi regime. Terrifyingly, no discernible difference exists today. The “mainstream media” was even discovered submitting prospective stories to the White House for approval. The Democrat Party invents whatever fantasies advance their agenda and a collusive media hammers us with them even after the lies are exposed by fact checkers. Reich Minister of Propaganda, Jay Carney, attempts to pass off unpopular elements of the regime’s latest budget as GOP ideas. Concern about journalistic malpractice is non-existent.  So untouchable does the press consider itself that they lie about criminal activity carried out on behalf of the current regime and suppress factual information.

The president adopted “Forward” as a 2012 campaign slogan. “Forward” a Marxist catchphrase in origin. It was also a favorite of Hitler’s. “Vorwartz” (forward) was the name of a National Socialist newspaper, employed by Hitler. The only good news is that there are (still) news sources other than the mainstream media. Without them news that does not fit the regime’s template would have no platform. Serious effort is underway, however, to silence alternative media voices. The president is within inches of taking control of the internet. The Lyin’ King has, time and again, committed unlawful and unconstitutional acts. Yet the media coverage he receives remains reverential.

National Socialism rejected any religion other than a secular, unconditional devotion to the state. We’re getting there. Six million Jews were exterminated. Most people are no longer aware that Catholics, too, were rounded up for a one-way stay at concentration camps during WWII. Remember the Democrat convention? Their agenda was pre-approved by the president. Democrat-sanctioned mentions of G-d had to be shoe-horned in, via amendment to the official agenda, contrary to the very vocal “Nay’s!” from most of the Democrat delegates. After three, unacceptable votes, the mayor of Los Angeles peremptorily ruled a “2/3 majority” in favor of the Almighty’s backhanded invitation to the circus; a pitiable joke. The Supreme Court struck down the federal government’s attempt to select ministers for churches, in 2012. It’s no coincidence the president has deliberately misquoted the Declaration of Independence on several occasions, intentionally excising the word “G-d.” He even demanded that “INRI” (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum/Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews) be covered before agreeing to speak at Georgetown University . . . a Catholic institution.

National Socialism’s allies in the Middle East during WWII were Muslim leaders. Democrats today have made the same choice. Throwing Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East, under the bus was just the beginning. The “understandable outrage” on display in dozens of Muslim countries is a perfect example of “the big lie” by which Democrats live. The president and his entire administration lied persistently, shamelessly, about Benghazi. Americans were expected to believe that 27 countries were sparked to “spontaneous” outrage by a ridiculous video simply because the Lyin’ King insisted it was so. Even when evidence contrary to official story surfaced and the narrative flipped 180 degrees the president apparently didn’t get the memo. He mulishly refused to use the word “terrorism.” His United Nations address self-righteously insisted the video was the fire-starter. His then-Secretary-of-State, Hillary Clinton, has been exposed as a duplicitous fraud in the matter. Yet the media is enthusiastically flogging her candidacy for president in 2016.

The precedents for the policies being inflicted on America today were created in WWII Germany. It is clear which party is a replica of National Socialism. It is even more evident which party, despite the lie being big enough and repeated often enough, isn’t.