Arpaio was being interviewed on the Trey Ware Morning Show about the progress in his investigation. Noting that his investigative team, made up of volunteer attorneys and ex-law enforcement personnel, were making headway, he took a swipe at critics who accused him of using taxpayer money by sending a deputy to Hawaii to provide security for the Posse members.

“I’m taking all the heat for using taxpayers’ money. I can’t believe this,” Arpaio said. “The Posse’s donations pay [for the trip to Hawaii]. … The Posse’s paying for the deputy, too.”

When guest host Malzberg shifted his questioning to Donald Trump’s earlier interest in Obama’s eligibility, Arpaio stated Trump had earlier been in contact with him regarding the current investigation.

“He sent me a little note after he saw we were onto something, congratulating me for taking this on,” said Arpaio. “So, he’s been quiet in all this, all at once with all the publicity directed toward me, now he sent a note saying, ‘Thanks.’ Now that’s good. … He knew we were doing it for quite a while, but the note came recently. I guess he figures I’m on to something.”

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