You can’t make plastics, make-up, rubber or any of the other 6,000 fossil-derivatives you use every day from a windmill or a solar panel. Until you can, get over it. Please. Oh, and you can’t waltz into town in a luxurious 45-foot motor coach, with a windmill mounted to the back bumper.

Did you hear about Willie Nelson (81, from oil-rich Texas) joining up with Neil Young (68, Canadian citizenship, now living in California) to sing against the Keystone XL pipeline?

And just an aside, if you haven’t heard, the Keystone XL is no different than any of the other 26,000 miles of piplelines built in the United States last year except for one thing: It crosses the Canadian border. Were it just another interstate pipeline, it would have been built a long time ago with barely a whiff of notice. But this one connects Alberta with the Gulf Coast, and would send an estimated 850,000 million barrels of oil a day to our gulf coast refineries, strengthening our energy bond with our oil-rich ally to the north.

That aside, Willie and Neil pulled onto Art and Helen Tanderup’s corn field near Neligh, Nebraska this past weekend, and played a show reminiscent of Farm-Aid to about 8,000 anti-Keystone sympathizers. (By the way, they pulled up in a couple of tour busses. Diesel tour busses…)

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