Since the gun control debate fired up strongly with the shooting of school children and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., in December, one Pittsburgh gun store has been running a Facebook contest giving away AR-15 packages, which has drawn both support and criticism.

Up until this week, Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms published the name of the winner of its AR-15 giveaway Facebook campaign, but it is now revising its policy after one such winner said they were being harassed to the point where they had to shut down their Facebook page.

“So here is something that really pisses us off. Our winner of the [AR] package called us about five minutes ago to tell us this. ‘Thanks for what you guys are doing. Over the past few days people have been harassing me and my family on Facebook. I am closing my account because of this.’ That are not his exact words as he was swearing up and down about the liberal media and how they won’t leave him alone.

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