The first of my 10 Commandments of Political Warfare is the first listed for it is the most important, yet it is rarely if ever obeyed:

“Never, ever trust Republicrats.”

A Republicrat is not to be confused with a “RINO” (Republican in Name Only). RINOs are easy to spot. They are out-and-proud liberal Republicans. They’re almost always confined to blue states, where they simply become Republicans because there’s no more roster spots remaining on Team Democrat where they live.

However, the Republicrat is a far more ominous and treacherous foe. For he and his consultants have figured out how conservatives wish to be condescended and pandered to, thus allowing him to get elected anywhere in the country — even in solidly red states like Louisiana.

Absolutely no Republican is getting elected dog-catcher in Louisiana by saying “I have no plans to honor my oath of office to defend this Constitution, but instead will allow Cultural Marxists (especially the Rainbow Jihad) to shred it if defending it requires a single ounce of courage.”

Now, almost all the Republicans in a place like Massachusetts say and believe that. But if you want to be a Republican in a place like Louisiana, you better make sure to clearly express your love for both God and country on the stump. Then, once you’re elected, you’ll conspire with your fellow Republicrats to “surrender now before it’s too late” the moment the Left mounts any resistance to a single syllable of the party platform.

This is why Republicrats are so dangerous. They get elected by us by sounding like us, and then once in office they will stab us in the back quicker than you can say “electability.”

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