I am not an American.

But I have studied the nation and its history as if I were.

And I believe America, much like my own nation of Australia, is a Christian country.

It is based on Judeo-Christian values; values, that to my mind, have no superior and no equal. And yet referring to America as a Christian nation draws the ire of many. Suggesting Christian values are the best values is a shoot-able offense in blue states, and among mainstream media and elitists. Somebody confiscate their guns! And there it is: the most infuriating aspect of the left- they can have it, but they tell you that you and I can’t.

But I digress.

The greatest American to ever live was Barack Obama. Said no one ever. No, the greatest American in history was the magnificent George Washington. A man who could have been anyone and done anything, and yet chose enormous nobility and selflessness. A man of character but almost certainly providence, proved by his bulletproof nature. Washington, whose name today refers to the capital of the world, believed religion, morality and brotherhood to be societal columns. He was adamant morality could not exist in the absence of religion.

John Adams certainly wasn’t having a laugh when he declared the Constitution to be “designed for a moral and religious people” and “wholly inadequate for any other”.

Secularists, relativists and non-Christians spawned and have perpetuated the falsehood that the First Amendment exists to protect the American people from religion. This is liberal rubbish. It was written to protect the American people from government tyranny. Christianity may not have been specifically mentioned in the founding documents but the Founders demanded religious freedom. I’m waiting for someone to tell me that George Mason was a Muslim.

As the Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville observed: Americans holding faith was “indispensable to the maintenance of Republican institutions”.

And there is a nexus between the Christian faith, self-governance and liberty. But that’s for another article.

The Gipper was a fan of intercessory prayer. And Lincoln said it eloquently when he said: “I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go”. Which makes me feel like telling you what I pray for when it comes to America.

As a Christian, I pray that Americans would use the power they have as citizens to rein in big government so that Government never becomes their master. For no predicament is more un-American.

I pray that Americans understand how a European path will diminish the freedom and liberty for their future generations. I pray that God’s spirit stirs the hearts and minds of American Christians, disengaged from the political process. I pray that Americans defend the sanctity of human life, and protect the sanctity of traditional marriage between one man and one woman. I pray that Americans understand the consequences to smaller nations if they are weak, or destroyed from the inside.

And I pray America untangles itself from its current problems, and remains the greatest country this world has ever seen.

President Reagan began a great tradition when he ended every speech with “God Bless America”. I’ll follow suit.