It turns out that pro-choice liberals are not so pro-choice after all—especially on issues other than abortion. According to pro-choice liberals it is acceptable for a mother to abort her unborn child, but it is not acceptable for the same mother to choose where her living child will go to school. Contradictions such as this are common in the rarified atmosphere of liberal elitism. Such contradictions in logic are bound to happen when liberals manipulate the English language for their own nefarious purposes. When the English language is used to distort the truth those distortions sometimes come back to haunt the distorter.

Liberals have turned manipulation of the English language into an art form for the purpose of advancing their destructive social agenda but every once in a while their self-serving distortions sneak up behind them and bite in the form of contradictions in logic, reason, and common sense. For example, if a woman should have the right to choose to abort her unborn child, why should she not have the right to choose where she sends her living child to school? It seems that liberals are not really pro-choice after all. They support choice only when choice supports the liberal agenda.

On the issue of school choice, liberals are definitely not pro-choice. From what I have been able to determine, liberals oppose school choice for one or both of two reasons. First, they are opposed to parents receiving vouchers that help pay the tuition at private schools. Liberals willingly admit their opposition to vouchers although a voucher is nothing more than taxpaying parents receiving back some of the taxes they have already paid and must continue to pay even though their children no longer attend public schools. Criticism of vouchers by liberals should come as no surprise. Liberals love taxes, and they will not give them up without a fight.

The second reason liberals oppose school choice is that it removes children with pliable young minds from daily leftwing indoctrination sessions. Public schools are leftwing incubators that produce a steady supply of brainwashed young people for self-serving politicians intent on building an ever-expanding base of entitled, dependent voters. This, the acquisition and retention of political power, is the real reason liberals oppose school choice, though they are loathe to admit it. This is why they continue to oppose school choice even when advocates are willing to forgo vouchers as in the case of homeschooling.
Students who are educated rather than indoctrinated are the liberals’ worst nightmare. Students who are taught to think for themselves will soon question the contradictions in logic that must be accepted if the liberal worldview is to prevail. Liberals know that a school voucher is a “Get-Out-of-Jail-Free” card for students whose parents want them to get a real education. Every student educated in a private school, Christian school, or homeschool is another candidate for dependency lost to the left.

As of this writing, 21 states provide parents school choice: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. According to the Heritage Foundation, school choice generates the following beneficial results:
Higher graduation rates

Better student performance
More satisfied parents

In other words, liberals who oppose school choice oppose higher graduation rates, better student performance, and more parent satisfaction. What does that say about liberals?