Eva Shockey is a skilled hunter whose love for the sport came from her famous outdoorsman father Jim, who is the man behind “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” and “Uncharted.” The two set off on a hunting trip to North Carolina Friday, which resulted in bagging two massive black bears, each weighing over 500 lbs. Jim was responsible for one while Eva killed the second.

Several social media users took the forum as an opportunity to express their disdain for Eva’s decision to needlessly kill such a large, majestic animal, while others went overboard with spewing vile threats. Eva described one such suggestion:

“An anti-hunter just told me, and I quote, to ‘kill that little worthless dog you have instead’ of the bear I just hunted in NC.”

Armed with an appropriate amount of attitude, Eva was not deterred by the negativity and responded to the individual’s sick comment with the perfect reply:

“Apparently hunting a bear, eating/donating all of the meat and putting money towards conservation is a bad thing, but killing my puppy is ok. If this logic isn’t totally insane, I don’t know what is.”

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