Eviction has been stayed because the squatter has health issues. What? Really?

Imagine arriving at your own home and finding out a stranger is not only squatting there — he’s claiming the place for himself after he re-keyed ALL the locks to the house. AND even though you can prove the house isn’t his the courts drag their feet about evicting him because after all it is the guys residence– IN YOUR HOUSE!

That’s the nightmare that an elderly New York City woman is living, and now she is fighting to get back the house that she says an ex-con stole from her by filing a fraudulent deed and breaking in.

‘It just devastates me,’ Jennifer Merin told the New York Post. ‘The house was maintained basically as sanctuary to my family.’

Merin says that 49-year-old Darrell Beatty and his sons — Darrell Kash, 25, and DeShaun, 22 — have been living at the home in Queens since February. She says Beatty filed a bogus deed and moved into the house, which Merin wasn’t renting, then changed all the locks. She found out that the house that her grandparents, who immigrated from the Ukraine and Russia, bought in 1931 had been lifted back in May, when the water bill for the previously-empty home skyrocketed.

When Merin when to check, she found the locks had been changed and her 1992 Subaru Outback missing — along with most of her possessions. All of her family’s heirlooms — vintage furniture, photos, a classic television set — were piled in the garage like trash.

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