The Women’s Movement has gotten what it wants, and now women are MEN! Congratulations for achieving nothing.

According to a Pew Research Center report, women bring home the serious bacon in 40 percent of households with children, up from only 11 percent in 1960. If you guessed that most of these households have single mothers, you guessed correctly. And the news keeps getting better for women, as even women who “sell out” and marry men are beginning to bring in more than their significant others.

Feminists clamor for equality, and women in America undoubtedly have equality…well-deserved equality.

The problem is that women lost their “womanhood” along the way, and the nation suffered. Society has lost its feminine quality, and is essentially being run by a group of women who are, by all accounts, men.

I often chide Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Janet Reno and other Women’s Movement Liberal women in my jokes, but truth be told, they are indeed the poster children for the women’s movement. Women who look like men, act worse than men, and who have essentially sacrificed their womanhood at the alter of “achievement.”

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