Life and death are in the tongue but no man can tame the tongue. As we speak our words we speak life or death into someone through our tongue.  Politically correct words are designed to be covertly radioactive weapons, seeping in, dividing the people, destroying the Law, shackling the tongues and fundamentally changing America.

Our tongues can enrage a man’s heart to bare-handedly strangle another to shut off his words. It can evoke all the tender feelings we hold dear to our heart and bring a smile to one’s face. It can provoke murder or wars from jealous or accusing words. It can shut down a lion-hearted man when your words hit him on his Achilles’ heel. It brings the liveliest spirit to tears. It’s often referred to as a double edged sword.  It cuts both ways going in and coming out, like in a lovers’ quarrel, you hurt the one you love but you also end up hurting yourself through your words.

The Media is our source of entertainment information and News through which they shape our way of thinking. We live in a world of information overload determined, filtered and interpreted as relevant or not by them. All around us we continue to hear the Media cut us off in midsentence, to remind us, that was a racial slur or politically un-correct according to them and no longer allowed to be used, especially by Conservatives.

The Supremes on their DOMA ruling recently, muddied the waters for States by not giving clear direction. The States are empowered to allow or not Gay marriage, even if one state does allow it and another doesn’t. There was no direction given to States handling the choice if people moved.  Federally speaking the Govt. must give gay couples equal protection, although the Govt. cannot interfere with the marriage issue at the State level.

After the ruling President Obama promised not to “make” Churches perform same sex marriage ceremonies. What happened to the separation of Church and State? Isn’t the separation the protection the Church should have to follow its own tenets? Will Churches be punished in the future for not allowing same sex marriage ceremonies if the President changes his mind? It looks like this is where we are headed along with birth control now mandatorily included in Health Ins., provided by Religious organizations against their Dogma.

For the last couple of years the US Justice Dept. has been arguing that to speak out for Biblical Morality shows hostility to homosexuals. Here comes the nuclear (PC / Slurs) against Christians. First we were called intolerant, then discriminatory, then hostile. Now the Supreme Court has taken political correctness labeling to a Supreme level.

In his brilliant dissent of his DOMA decision Justice Antonin Scalia warns about Americas’ direction in these last days. He pointed out the contempt found in Kennedys’ majority opinion against anyone who disagrees with him.  Scalia then says, “It is one thing for a society to elect change; it is another for a court of law to impose change by adjudging those who oppose it, (hostes humani generis). Translation of the Supreme slur… “Enemy of the Human Race.”

This saying dates back to the 1st century Rome when there was a relatively large number of Christians and Nero decided to use them as scape goats. Nero called Christians “Enemies of the Human Race” and used that phrase to serve as justification to throw Christians to the lions in the Coliseum and set them on fire to use as lamps in his garden. Justice Scalia may be sending us a warning. Once a society deems us “Enemies” that attitude gives credence for a PC/slur of nuclear proportion by the Left in action against all Christians to shame, harm, mock or imprison. We got a taste of it in the Zimmerman trial when the Govt. put its Political correct viewpoint spin into a States’ legal issue.

At the Texas State Capital in Austin a week ago pro-life and pro-choice advocates came out in force. Josh Rubin from CNN tweeted, “a crowd of anti-abortion activists giving speeches while a group of people chant ‘hail satan’ in the background.“ While the pro-lifers sang amazing Grace the other group chanted, praise the devil. They cruelly mocked Christian’s deepest and most cherished beliefs and ideals. They mocked the notion of God, the reality of Grace and the beauty of Love and Redemption. Never would they have acted so irrelevant to the Muslim’s religion of Islam and gotten away with it. This kind of political correct, Religious Hatred discrimination slur, Weapon, is reserved for Christians only!

Where did this first come from? Hillary Clinton at the direction of Pres. Obama signed onto the Blaspheme Resolution 62/145. It was introduced in 1999 by Pakistan and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. It stresses the need to effectively combat defamation of all religions but incitement to religious hatred against Islam and Muslims in particular. Some Religious groups and freedom of speech advocates joined together to fight the UN resolution saying it is being used to spread Sharia law to the Western world and intimidate anyone who criticizes Islam. It has emboldened Islamic authorities to go freely in and out of our White House, while Muslim leaders continue to lambaste and threaten Christian American citizens and Jews.

Christianity is a religion of love, peace, sharing and forgiveness. It keeps a Nation strong and pulls them together, divided we fall. It pulls people up from strife giving them hope to see what great things they can do and how they can help others. Islam is much more than religion. It’s bondage and a fear infested ideology that demands cooperation or death so that the tyrant dictator has total control. It doesn’t have a hint of love or forgiveness and it’s a perfect match of opposition to Christianity to shut it down and the Nation who practices it. They too call Christians: Enemies of the Human Race.

I don’t think Mr. Obama really cares about the Muslim religion. It’s simply a means to his end for One World Government through their belligerent and pugnacious radical Muslim attitude. Why not let them do his dirty work creating havoc and mayhem? I hear he has plans to be in office at the UN at the end of his term here. There he will be safe to watch the brutal destruction of America he has put in motion.

The Media and the Leftist way of thinking has little to do with morality or truth. They twist words or situations to behoove them getting their way, with no moral compass to guide them. They want no knowledge of God so they can act out of ignorance and disobedience to the law and belittle Christians with PC nonsense. We cannot even engage them in a rational conversation for that would require them to have some knowledge of the subject and some credibility. Clearly they don’t have either and know it’s easier to lie, mock, and judge us for they have PC on their side and it’s working really well for them.

I’m here to point out the Media’s collusion to shut us up through Political Correctness. Every time we cave to the new slur of the week, (WE Accept as Law) that our freedom of speech is no longer available for that word. Our first Amendment is being uprooted and eradicated daily when we conform to the Left’s new definition of Political correct verbiage.

To suit their goal of control, they silence our tongues from speaking out our ideas and religious beliefs, by butchering and literally re-writing the first Amendment right under our nose. They will continue to silence us into compliance with their insidious PC “word weaponry.” Their stratagem is so seemingly insignificant a program that we do not even see-through the real plan which is the destruction of the Constitution. This is ingenious on their part because we have unsuspectingly given them our full cooperation and compliance in the shredding of our Constitution.

I to suggest we use our tongues as a weapon but not with politically correct Slurs, but rather use words of Truth from the Bible while we still can. Let’s fight the good fight of Faith, be prisoners of Hope and above all else remember we are more than Conquerors we are Victors over PC /slurs…because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.