You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of people who support him.

In the case of King Obama, as it was in 2008, a growing cadre of the most infamous world leaders is rooting for his re-election.

Raul Castro’s daughter Mariela conveyed Cuban support by singing Obama’s praises a few months ago during her tour of San Francisco. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is an ardent supporter who has praised Obama publicly. Even Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad and the Iranian hard-line have made it known that they prefer Obama.

The Moscow Times explained this week in an op-ed why Vladimir Putin wants Obama to win over Romney.

According to the writer, Andrei Tsygankov, Putin believes Obama is more committed to “progress” in U.S.-Russian relations than Mitt Romney, who has characterized Russia as our No. 1 international foe.

The writer, who is a professor at San Francisco University, is all praise for Obama’s flexibility. He even tries to rehabilitate the ridiculous “reset button” incident:

“The diplomacy of pressing the ‘reset’ button with Russia proved important for alleviating the Kremlin’s fear of NATO expansion and the region’s destabilization in response to Washington’s strategy of regime change in several countries.”

More like it alleviated the Kremlin’s fear that the U.S. president might be a worthy opponent rather than a marshmallow. It’s the sort of pap I would expect from a Bay Area-based college professor writing in the Moscow Times.

Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that Obama has Putin’s support, and why wouldn’t he? Obama is giving away our missile defense in Europe and proposing to greatly decrease the number of warheads in our nuclear arsenal, all without any concessions from Russia.

He has behaved similarly with other countries, particularly in the Middle East, where he has used U.S. resources to help the Muslim Brotherhood run rampant and force its way into power, with the result of murdered Americans and burned embassies.

Even now, Obama continues to apologize for the terrorists who killed our personnel, blaming a YouTube video rather than his own feckless Administration.

Obama came into office with promises of boosting America’s image in the world, but he’s totally failed in that. A recent report found that America’s approval rating among Muslims was 36 percent when President Bush was in office. Now, under Obama, we’ve fallen to 15 percent.

Where Obama has a made a favorable impression, however, is in the backrooms of the world’s dictatorships and socialist regimes, in which he is viewed as a tool for tyrants and strongmen to get what they want out of the United States.

The same endorsements came in 2008, but they were based on the world’s wicked being tired of having to face a strong U.S. president, and thus placing their bets on the most inexperienced candidate.

This year, the statists of the world have four years of experience to assure them that Obama is their guy.