Democrats are howling about the new Republican majority’s decision to read the Constitution in its entirety on Thursday.  Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York told the Washington Post it would be a “ritualistic reading” that treated the Constitution like “a sacred text” for “propaganda” purposes.  “You’re not supposed to worship your Constitution,” Nadler huffed.  “You are supposed to govern your government by it.”  On her Headline News TV host Joy Behar wondered if “this Constitution loving is getting out of hand.”

Of course, it’s hard to govern our ungovernable government with the Constitution if we don’t know what it says.  There is little evidence the Democrats are familiar with it, except as an obstacle to be worked around.  ObamaCare’s individual mandate is blatantly unconstitutional, and courts are busy unraveling the whole tortured scheme by removing it.  The current Democrat enthusiasm for weakening the filibuster, at least until they need it again, is most likely unconstitutional.  As recently as last month, Senate Majority Harry Reid tried to insert an unconstitutional tax provision into a food-safety bill, which was scuttled as a result.  He did the same thing with a tourism bill earlier in the year.  I hope he attends the House reading of the Constitution, and remembers to take notes.

If reverence for the Constitution is not our guiding principle, then what should it be?

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