To a liberal, the worst two words in the English language are “Christian Right.”  For left-wing secular humanists, these two words conjure up images of Old Testament Pharisees who want to establish a theocracy on earth and stone to death all those who fall short of its tenets.  Some humanists even consider the Christian Right to be one giant hate group. Apparently there are a lot of Americans who agree.  In recent years there have been numerous books published proclaiming the Christian Right to be a dangerous group of theological fanatics determined to force all Americans to live by their values.  Several of these books became bestsellers.  One that springs immediately to mind is God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by the late Christopher Hitchens.

I have trouble reconciling what I know about Bible-believing, professing Christians—those labeled by liberals as the Christian Right—with what secular humanists say about them. Just this week I spent hours in a gymnasium helping some of my fellow members of the Christian Right pack boxes of Christmas Gifts to be sent to children in third-world countries all over the globe.  These so-called “haters” spent substantial sums of money on the gifts and lots of time preparing them for shipment.  There wasn’t a secular humanist or atheist among us.  These are the same “haters” who donate regularly to charity, prepare and deliver meals for widows and shut-ins, volunteer at homes for the Elderly, and adopt children of all races and cultures from countries where children often suffer from poverty, neglect, and the ravages of war.  If these good folks hate anyone, I don’t know who it could be.

Why is it that liberals so vehemently attack those who they label as the Christian Right?  There are many reasons, more than can be summarized in just one column.  However, the two main reasons for the vitriolic diatribes directed against Christians by liberals are: 1) the opposition of Christians to abortion, and 2) belief in the Biblical definition of marriage as the union between a man and a woman.  It is these two issues that stir up the embers of liberal resentment and cause them to go so far overboard in their denunciations of Christians.  It is the views of the Religious Right on these two issues that cause liberals to label Christians as “hate-mongers.”

There are many things that could be accurately said about those of us who are categorized as members of the religious Right.  For example, to say that we are all sinners would be accurate.  To say that we all have feet of clay would be accurate.  To say that we need the forgiveness of Christ because we continually fall short of the beliefs we profess would also be accurate.  But to call Bible-believing Christians” hate mongers” and to call the Religious Right a giant “hate group” is a little much.  Christians do many things well, but hating our fellow man is not one of them.  This being the case, a worthwhile endeavor would be to take either of the two issues in question—abortion or same-sex marriage—and compare the views on that issue of Christians and secular humanists.  Having done, we can then ask: “Which of these views looks more like hate?”

I will compare the views of Christians and secular humanists on the issue of abortion.  Those of us who are members of the so-called Religious Right believe that life is a gift of God and that it begins at conception.  Hence, we also believe that the right way to handle what some refer to as an “unwanted pregnancy” is for the biological mother to give birth to the baby and then place it in the hands of a married couple; two people who not only want a baby but will treasure it as the gift from God it truly is.  When it comes to the issue of choice, Christians believe that giving birth to the “unwanted” baby and placing it with parents who will love and care for it and give it abundant live is the most loving choice. Christians also believe they are called to speak for the voiceless and helpless; an apt description of a tiny baby in its mother’s womb. This hardly sounds like hate, but to be fair let us reserve judgment until the pro-abortion side of the argument has been examined.

Abortion advocates believe the only issue in an “unwanted” pregnancy is the woman’s right of free choice. I have always found it interesting that making the choice to avoid becoming pregnant—e.g. abstinence or birth control—does not count as a real choice with the pro-abortion crowd.  The only choice that seems acceptable to them is the choice to abort.  What is especially disturbing about this view is that pro-abortionists do not like to talk about what actually happens during an abortion.  They shrink away from admitting that abortion involves ripping apart, limb by limb, a tiny baby in its mother’s womb.  Abortion is a horrific process that is purposefully mislabeled as a woman’s “choice” to disguise the gruesome facts of what really occurs during the process.

Now that we have examined the two opposing views, which one do you think sounds more like hate: 1) Placing an “unwanted” baby in the loving and caring hands of parents who see the baby as a gift from God, or 2) Violently ripping the baby from its mother’s womb and killing it in the process?  I think any sane person would say that Option 1 sounds a lot like love and Option 2 sounds a lot like hate.  Could it be that liberals are so embarrassed by their defense of this heinous process that they are applying that age-old propaganda strategy that says: “Call your opponent the exact opposite of what he really is?”