Is there anyone you would trade these 5 terrorists for?
Check it out:

I’m trying to think of someone that I would trade 5 terrorists for and I’m having trouble doing that.

I certainly wouldn’t have traded for a deserter and traitor. For him I would have delivered a drone strike.

The thought of what these terrorists will now be able to do is downright scary. They will want revenge for their incarceration and will be seen as terrorist heroes. Does anyone really think they will just leave us alone? They will be hell bent on outdoing 9-11. Their victim’s blood will be on Obama’s hands.

Is there anyone we should have traded these thugs away for? I keep going through a list of people. How about Colonel Allen West? Something tells me Allen would never allow himself to be traded for terrorists. Allen is considered a patriot by most and certainly worthy of an all effort to rescue if he were to have been captured by the enemy.

I wouldn’t even trade myself for 5 terrorists.

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