We have begun to die as a society. The signs of this are very clear. Just in the understanding and use of language in our culture, we see a growing sense of relativistic thinking. We use words to stir emotions and not thought.

Thoughtfulness and intelligence are discouraged, and kneejerk reaction and emoting are encouraged. This trend is evident in the way we communicate and what we say.

A clear example of this is the reaction to the release of an illegal immigrant’s child recently.

The Washington Times reports

Legal groups had filed a court challenge demanding that Daniela Vargas, 22, be released, and they confirmed Friday afternoon that she had been let out of the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“The truth, though, is that Dany should never have been detained in the first place,” said Karen Tumlin, legal director for the National Immigration Law Center. “President Trump’s mass deportation force is ensnaring folks like Dany, causing chaos and breaking apart communities. We will continue to fight for justice for Dany and for others like her.”

So, this kind of story is one that touches the heart. I personally do not want to see this young girl sent to a country she does not know. But, if we logically go through what this activist says, we will begin to think that she does.

It is confusing because Karen says that this person illegally in the country for an undetermined (by me at least) amount of years should be allowed to continue to break the law. Karen goes on to say that those who break these laws like Dany should never be punished. Then she ends her emotional rant by valiantly stating that they would not stop fighting to see that they are punished for this breaking of the law.

You see, Karen invoked the leftist trigger word “justice.” After all, who could oppose justice? But justice means the right execution of the law. So justice would see all these young people and their parents sent back to their homeland.

I do not agree that that is what should be done, but I would like for Americans to educate themselves that they are no so easily manipulated by talking heads.