I’ve got a friend from high school who is essentially a socialist. He’s been living in Europe over the last few years and loving it. He favors the idea of socialized healthcare.

Anyway, I recently wrote an article about Jon Stewart’s mockery of Republicans who are raising their (completely legitimate) concerns about Obamacare. Well, my old high school friend wasn’t too happy with my article. He left several all-caps comments on my Facebook page, and then, regarding healthcare asked, “What would Jesus do?”

Quick disclaimer – I can never and will never have the arrogance to say that what I think is accurate or right. My opinions are based on what I see and study – based on my worldview and what I know of God and His Word. I could never and would never label Jesus. What I can do is form my opinions based on His character and example.

That being said…

First off, Jesus wasn’t political, so you can’t label Him. Was Jesus all about giving to the poor? Yes, He was. But, did He steal from other people to do it? No, He didn’t.

Socialism is basically when the government forcibly takes money from its citizens and uses that money to “do good,” as they see fit. Let me tell you what this government thinks is a compassionate cause to donate your money to – abortion. My money that I earn is taxed. Some of that tax is going toward funding Planned Parenthood – a place that violently murders unborn babies and calls it “family planning” or “birth control.”

Do I think God is okay with that? Do I even need to answer that question? God – who knows the number of hairs on our heads and who knit us together in our mothers’ wombs (Psalm 139)?

When the government takes control of our money and our healthcare, they can do whatever they see fit with it, or whatever they think is right. And frankly, what the government says is “right” happens to be something I see as “murder.”

I told high-school-friend this and I’ll tell y’all – allowing the government to have control over healthcare has nothing to do with Christian compassion.

Liberals have claimed the nickname “bleeding hearts.” They look at conservatives and think we’re heartless because we believe in earning what we have. But, if you look closely, it’s so the opposite. Conservatives believe that money should be earned – that Americans should be free to make their own choices about their healthcare and to whom/what they give their money to.

If I take money I earn and give it to a family that can’t afford to pay their sick child’s medical bills- well, that’s generosity and compassion. That’s the sign of a true “bleeding heart.”

Fighting for the government to have control over distributing healthcare is not compassionate. It’s simply allowing some D.C. suits to make medical decisions, whether or not those decisions are in line with your wishes or even your morality.

Obamacare is unconstitutional. Why? Because it takes away our rights – so many of them, but most importantly in my book – our freedom of religion. Being forced by law to fund abortions is unethical and unconstitutional. American business owners are entitled to run their businesses based on their faith.

I understand that liberals have their own take. I’m sure many liberals do have “bleeding hearts,” but they think that the compassionate thing to do is to support a big government. But one thing I can’t understand or bite my tongue about is when they attack Christians and accuse us of being cruel and heartless.

Or when they make Jesus out to be a liberal political figure. I would never dare label Jesus a Democrat or even a Republican. Jesus is God. Jesus is in control of the universe. He does not fit into a political party. He is perfect and loving and compassionate and generous. All people in all parties are screwed up and sinful.

I’m a conservative and I have a conservative view on healthcare. I think that Americans should be generous and help one another. I think that the government getting involved takes the generosity out of giving and makes what should be an act of compassion an act of stealing.