Would you expect every word you say would be under scrutiny? Would you be surprised that you were called into your superior’s office because of something you said while not working? This has happened to a Wyoming judge.

As I reported, Judge Ruth Neely was investigated by the Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics because she said that she could not perform a same-sex ceremony. Not that she had refused to do one when asked. She never was asked to perform a marriage ceremony.

But, all seems to be over now.

Christian News reports

The Wyoming Supreme Court has rejected an effort to remove from the bench a local judge who is under fire for making comment to the media three years ago that, as a Christian, she couldn’t officiate same-sex unions. It has instead decided that public censure, or a statement of disapproval, is warranted.

While the court did find Judge Ruth Neely’s words to be a violation of the Wyoming Code of Judicial Conduct, it did not believe that she had committed any acts worthy of removal.

“Judge Neely has not violated a clear procedural rule governing the performance of her legal duties. As a municipal court judge, she had no authority to perform marriages. As a part-time circuit court magistrate, she had the power to perform marriage ceremonies, but she was not required to do so. She has not violated the law in her daily life, and she has not violated a procedural rule of law,” wrote Justices James Burke, William Hill and Kate Fox.

But, it took all this time to figure out that Neely had done nothing at all concerning Sodomite unions except express her opinion. And thank God above, at least for now, that is not illegal.